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In Southwest FloridaSarasota, North Port, Nokomis, Englewood, Lakewood Ranch, Venice, Manasota Key, Sarasota Beach, Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, North Port, Venice—we experience major truck crashes more often than any one would like. As your 18 wheeler accident lawyer, I am your voice and stand up to big companies for justice.

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18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer Identifies Large Trucks

Large trucks commute daily throughout our local communities. Wholesalers, distributors, and retailers use large commercial trucks to deliver cargo or product to the their respective stores. And then, sell to consumers like you and me. Accordingly, department stores, supermarkets, warehouse stores, and similar use 18 wheelers to transport their wares.

Moreover, as your 18 wheeler accident lawyer, I know these commercial vehicles go by several names. Among these descriptive terms are:

  • semi-tractor-trailers
  • tractor trailers
  • semis
  • big rigs
  • semi trucks
  • 18 wheelers

As we all know—and you don’t have to be a 18 wheeler accident lawyer to get it—these trucks are our largest vehicles on our roads. Accordingly, when these 18 wheelers cause a crash, consequences are often tragic and fatal.

18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer Discusses Truck Size and Power

While people generally understand big trucks pose great risks, knowing why is important. Accordingly, as your 18 wheeler accident lawyer, I describe here what makes these giant trucks so powerful and dangerous.

For example, a “tractor” refers to a truck’s engine, driver’s cab, axles, fuel tank, mechanical components, and wheels make. Moreover, most 18 wheeler trucks have many wheels. Especially relevant, special tractors hauling heavy-duty machinery, equipment, and construction components may have more. Every 18 wheeler accident lawyer knows these additional axles, wheels, and tires, add weight and strength to these powerful vehicles.

In addition, a long trailer holds cargo and is pulled behind a tractor. Moreover, we all recognize trailers as the largest part of a rig. So, trailers have rear double axles with dual wheels. Accordingly, combining eight tires on a trailer and ten tires on a tractor is why tractor trailers are known interchangeably as eighteen wheelers.

When you an 18 wheeler truck’s size, weight, and power, you understand why they cause such great damage in crashes. In any case involving major injury or fatality, then contact me for a free 18 wheeler accident lawyer consultation.

Your 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer Serves You Throughout Southwest Florida

Among our most catastrophic highway crashes, 18 wheeler accidents happen in an instant and leave a tragic lifetimes behind. Moreover, these collisions are preventable, and often result from truck companies and drivers violating safety regulations and basic traffic rules. As your Sarasota 18 wheeler accident lawyer, I stand up for you and seek accountability.

In addition to justice, I strive for your better future. While money compensation won’t eliminate your pain, burdens, or mourning, it may provide some comfort and future financial security. Moreover, we may stop some truckers and trucking companies from harming other lives and families.

You need to act quickly. So, let’s start today. I will personally visit you at home or hospital room. Moreover, your consultation is free and personal. We’ll go over everything so you know me and our road ahead.

best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney
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