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Sarasota accident injury lawyers pursue many different claims for clients. Among these crashes, a commercial vehicle accident can be common. Moreover, company vehicles are not limited to big trucks. Instead, most light trucks and vans weighing several tons are typically operated for business rather than personal, use.

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Accident Injury Lawyers Can Help in Claims Against Company Vehicle Owners

Many crashes in Southwest Florida involve commercial vehicles. These vehicles involve much more than an 18-wheeler trucks. Instead, accident injury lawyers focus on a vehicle’s purpose. A commercial vehicle is any car, van, truck, or other service vehicle having a business purpose.

Almost every company uses motor vehicles for business purposes. Passenger cars used in business may include a car driven by an employee for employment purposes. Moreover, a personal auto operated by a worker for his or her employer.

When this occurs, a driver’s personal auto insurance may be a compensation source. Also, there is an employer’s liability insurance. If a driver’s car is owned by a business or employer, then once again, there may be separate insurance sources for recovery for you. Your Sarasota accident injury lawyers know who to pursue to make sure all available money is available for compensation.

When Employees Drive, There is Usually More Compensation for Sarasota Accident Injury Lawyers to Recover for You

Very often, vans and pick-up trucks owned or operated by a company employee driver does not have a commercial driver’s license. Only vehicles having a gross weight exceeding ten thousand (10,000) pounds require a commercial driver’s license. While business vans and small trucks weigh more than autos and motorcycles, they often do not exceed commercial truck classification weight.

As your accident injury lawyers know, commercial vehicle drivers rarely have any additional training on these vans, small trucks, sports utility vehicles (SUV), and pick-up trucks. Instead, because employers focus on job skills and background, there is rarely an employee driving history check. Unfortunately, many drivers have poor driving records. Moreover, these bad records would show up on any drivers license qualification review.

As part of the investigation into fault and financial responsibility, your Sarasota accident injury lawyers obtain all the driver qualification and insurance information.

Sarasota Accident Injury Lawyers Prefer Commercial Liability Insurance

For example, in a commercial van crash, there may be severe injuries. Perhaps broken bones requiring surgery, spine damage, brain injury, disfigurement, herniated disc requiring surgery, or similar harms and losses. Importantly for you, insurance coverage carried on business vehicles often range from $500,000 to $1 million or more.

Accordingly, this coverage is typically much higher than personal auto policy insurance limits. Sarasota accident injury lawyers know commercial coverage is often critical. Indeed, money needed to compensate you following a company car accident is often available. Accordingly, you have a better chance at receiving full and fair money damages for your pain and suffering and related losses.

Sarasota Accident Injury Lawyers Helping You in Southwest Florida

Your circumstances, including injuries and related suffering and monetary losses, are basic compensation value elements. Your story is a critical factor in securing optimal money damages. Moreover, your story comes from you and your circumstances. Experienced Sarasota accident injury lawyers do this for you.

David is an accomplished trial attorney and injury lawyer serving Southwest Florida. David tells your honest story and fights to produces top results.

When you need Sarasota accident injury lawyers, then reach out to David to see what he can do for you. Your consultation is completely free, personal, and confidential. Contact David right now for help.

best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney
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