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Every accident settlement should incorporate several factors. First, it should compensate you fairly. Second, it should protect your interests. Finally, you should find satisfaction with your compromise.

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In our Sarasota Florida area, including Sarasota, North Port, Englewood, Nokomis, Venice, Sarasota, and Sarasota Beach, I’ll pursue a favorable accident settlement after your crash.

An Accident Settlement Should Compensate Your Fairly

When looking to settle your claim, you are seeking to avoid risks and compromise some goals. Moreover, this reality is what negotiations are about. Especially relevant, you may not get everything you want. However, you receive enough money based on your circumstances that you may move forward.

In many claims, you may receive a party’s maximum policy limits to compensate you for your harms and losses. However, often your losses exceed a careless driver’s policy limits. Accordingly, while you are getting what you want—insurance policy limits—you are not necessarily receiving all compensation you deserve.

Unfortunately, this happens a lot. Because, many drivers who crash into you don’t have much money outside their auto insurance. So, if your injury compensation value exceeds policy limits, then you may not achieve all your goals, yet receive maximum compensation available.

Moreover, if adequate insurance money is available, then your accident settlement should be fair under your circumstances. Accordingly, you shouldn’t expect a million dollars if your injury is only worth several thousand. Indeed, we determine fairness based on what’s reasonable under all circumstances, and not just want someone wants.

Your Accident Settlement Should Protect Your Interests

After you settle your case, there still remains work to be done. For example, you must sign a release giving up your rights to make further claims against defendants. Moreover, this is basic Florida law.

However, a release should protect your rights. At my office, I negotiate terms in every release to protect from future events. Accordingly, you won’t sign any blanket waiver or release parties who don’t contribute money to your accident settlement.

Unfortunately, many lawyers have clients sign any release an insurance company provides. But, I do not practice this way. Rather, I know an accident settlement agreement and release must contain provisions upholding important rights.

You Should Find Your Accident Settlement Satisfactory

If you don’t believe your deal is fair or protects your interests, then you shouldn’t agree to it. After all, under your circumstances, you are making a final decision here. Accordingly, if there is no satisfaction on your end, then you walk away with bad feelings. And, this is not good.

Instead, weigh all your circumstances. Think about your pain, suffering, and needs. Moreover, think reasonably, and not just about big numbers. For example, a broken thumb is not worth a million dollars, and you won’t receive an accident settlement under unreasonable expectations.

So, understanding your accident settlement requires compromise, and knowing you are getting guaranteed money instead of risking trial, can you live with your agreement? Think about this long and hard before accepting an accident settlement. So, don’t allow yourself to be rushed into a decision. Instead, take your time and weigh all these factors.

Sarasota Lawyer Pursues Your Favorable Accident Settlement

With decades experience, I know how to settle injury claims of every type. Moreover, I measure every settlement agreement against criteria here: fairness, reasonableness, protecting your interests, and your satisfaction.

I’m a Sarasota accident lawyer hungry to win, so I want your accident settlement to accomplish your goals. Accordingly, I work hard to accomplish our mutual goals. But, I also know sometimes all money we want either doesn’t exist, or is unobtainable due to your circumstances. Nevertheless, I explain all this during our representation you make your decision upon real information and clear mind.

To keep you clear and understanding every step, I’m available to you. So, when you have questions you call and I answer. Moreover, I provide you real-time updates, so you always know what’s happening and why.

So, let’s discuss your accident settlement opportunities right now. Your first consultation is free, in-depth, and personal.

best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney
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