Sarasota Car Accident Settlement LawyerSarasota Car Accident Settlement Lawyer

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There are many ways to pursue your claim.

I am a car accident settlement lawyer in Sarasota Florida and have practiced law since 1995. There are many different ways to pursue a positive outcome for you as a victim in an injury case. Not all of these require you to have to go through litigation.

Sarasota Car Accident Settlement LawyerSarasota Car Accident Settlement Lawyer
Car accident settlements in Sarasota Florida based on injury
It may seem like a simple collision however, even a rear-end collision can cause severe injury. Hiring a lawyer can significantly strengthen your ability to collect the evidence needed to maximize the settlement amount or general value of your case. The best lawyers for auto accidents often say even the smallest 'fender bender' can cause:
Broken Bones
Occasionally even a small and seemingly low-impact collision can cause a broken bone. If you are experiencing pain get medical attention asap.
Back & Spinal Cord Injuries
According to recent publications, Nearly 40% of spinal cord injuries are caused by car accidents. They can be a serious and potentially life-altering personal injury. Many cases involve severe trauma to the cervical spine or lumbar spine and cause paralysis from the neck down or the waist down.
According to medical specialists, lacerations take place when skin, tissue, or muscle is severed. Broken glass is the primary culprit of lacerations in a car crash. In extreme cases, ejection from the vehicle and contact with the objects surrounding the vehicle can cause lacerations.

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I've been fighting for people like yourself since 1995. If you are in the area of Sarasota County Florida, and have property damage or suffered an injury the most direct path to the compensation is to get in touch with me through a direct call →

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