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best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney

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An ATV accident refers to a crash involving an “all terrain vehicle.” ATVs are versatile vehicles we use for recreation or labor purposes. Moreover, ATV is both fun when used off-road and practical when used to travel over large spaces. Especially relevant, these vehicles are common throughout our Southwest Florida area.

However, these vehicles have many features making them dangerous. Sadly, catastrophic injuries and death result.

ATV Accident Resulting From Operator Error

A major ATV accident often results from driver error. We see ATVs in open areas, parks, and trails throughout our communities, especially in open areas:

Notably, many young people operate all terrain vehicles. Consequently, teenagers and younger—who have little or no experience operating any vehicle—present big dangers to themselves and passengers.

Especially relevant, these drivers lack maturity to appreciate major risks. Moreover, an ATV accident involving a young person often has tragic consequences. Similarly, many adults riders lack training, skill, or experience to properly operate ATVs. Furthermore, rough off-road conditions are unforgiving.

Driving while under the influence, or crashes with stationery objects, lead to falls, ejections, and rollovers. Inexperience is a common trait in an ATV accident. And, major injuries often result. Traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, amputation, and broken bones are common. Moreover, many collisions are fatal.

ATV Accident Resulting from Defective Products

In addition to operator errors, many ATV accident claims involve design defects. Unfortunately, some ATVs had latent, or hidden defects. Moreover, many vehicles lack proper safety features or warnings. Consequently, these hazards may contribute to crashes.

For example, some ATVs have a high roll-over risk. Several factors contribute to this major danger:

  • High center of gravity
  • Narrow wheel base
  • Small wheels
  • Inadequate rollover protection

In some circumstances, a retailer or manufacturer may also be liable for failures. Among them are instructions or warnings. Accordingly, these negligent acts may occur at point of sale or improper training after a sale. Moreover, many safety features which may limit damage in an ATV accident are sold as optional equipment. However, safety is not optional.

Pursuing Compensation for Your ATV Accident Claim

If you or your loved one suffer serious or catastrophic injuries in an ATV accident, then contact me immediately. I’m Sarasota accident lawyer David Harris, and I have decades experience in personal injury, wrongful death, and vehicle accidents. I pursue maximum compensation for all your pain, suffering, and financial needs.

Look, you or your love one may be facing a lifetime medical expenses, lost opportunities, and pain and suffering. Moreover, you may have a huge personal injury claim to recover money damages for your harms and losses. In addition, you have future needs and deserve comfort and financial security. Accordingly, let’s start moving forward quickly together.

I know money compensation cannot undo your pain and hardship. However, money may help offset your large medical bills and income loss. Moreover, top compensation may also provide some comfort or peace of mind knowing your future needs are met.

Accordingly, contact now for your free and personal consultation. There is no risk, as I don’t get paid unless we win your case.

best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney
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