Auto Accident

An auto accident injury often generates pain, suffering, and money losses. You’re going to hospital, undergoing surgery, therapy, and dealing with daily pain. In Sarasota Florida, this is a daily routine for far too many people. However, if this happens to you, then contact me for immediate legal help.

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An Auto Accident Injury Often Results from Distractions

We all know distracted driving causes a major auto accident injury daily in our local communities. After all, we live in a multi-tasking culture. Consequently, we try to do many things while we drive. However, we seem to forget paying attention to the road.

Distractions come in many forms. From eating to texting while driving, focus shifts from traffic to yourself. Accordingly, an auto accident injury is really no accident. Rather, a crash comes from a bad decision or poor choice.

When we try to focus on multiple tasks at once, we are not equally dividing our attention. Instead, one task naturally overcomes another.

So, if a driver is talking on a phone while driving, the phone call becomes a central focus. Consequently, an auto accident injury occurs because inattention prevails. Observing vehicles and traffic conditions is secondary in this example.

An Auto Accident Injury Occurs Because Drivers Are Impatient

Moreover, many drivers are drowsy, impatient, aggressive, and leave civility behind. For example, how many times do you find cars attempting to make last-minute merging efforts? An auto accident injury often follows.

So, why are drivers so reckless? Because, they place themselves before you and everyone else. While self-advancement is acceptable, you cannot do so if you’re risking an auto accident. And, this is what so many drivers do.

We’re all super-busy. Moreover, we’re all traveling together on our local roads. We can often avoid an auto accident by allowing some wiggle room. In other words, when a car rudely tries to merge, it’s often better to let it happen. While none of us wants to let a disrespectful driver get away with bad behavior, often it prevents an auto accident injury.

Pursuing Compensation After Your Sarasota Area Auto Accident Injury

If you are injured by another motorist’s negligence anywhere in Sarasota Florida, then contact me. I’m experienced and driven Sarasota accident lawyer David Harris, and I pursue top compensation for you. From money for medical bills to providing you comfort and security, I fight for your rights and justice.

Moreover, I appreciate you choosing me, so you always receive personal attention and service. Accordingly, I get to know you and your goals. And together, we’ll share an open and honest attorney-client relationship while you seek to accomplish you wants and needs.

Importantly, there is no fee if I don’t recovery money for you. So, this is a risk-free opportunity. Your consult is also free and personal, so let’s begin our discussion now.

best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney
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