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Auto accident lawyers should put your interests first after your car wreck. Accept nothing less. Because, your future may depend on making a good choice. Contact me for your free consult to learn more.

best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney

Auto Accident Lawyers Explain Careless Driving

While driving in Sarasota Florida, pay attention to other drivers. However, wait until you until you reach a stop light. Now, do what experienced auto accident lawyers do.

Look at what other drivers are doing. They are probably looking at something other than road conditions or traffic. Instead, they are distracting themselves with something. As auto accident lawyers know, these distractions continue after they begin pulling away.

And, distractions are careless actions. Moreover, this inattention is why most crashes happen.

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Auto Accident Lawyers Discuss Bad Driver Excuses

Based on how so many people drive, you would think they want a crash. Why? Consider all these excuses auto accident lawyers hear:

  • Can’t be late to work
  • Dropping kids off at school
  • Taking kids to after-school activities
  • Going to beach
  • Running errands
  • Speed up on yellow

These reasons seem plausible, right? Moreover, we all experience these excuses. However, as auto accident lawyers know, speeding, failing to yield, or inattention cause big crashes every day and week in Sarasota Florida.

So, an excuse lasts until we cause a collision. But, we soon regret our decision when our vehicle strikes another car, or hits a pedestrian, or strikes a bicyclist, or hits a motorcycle.

Auto Accident Lawyers Explain Distractions While Driving

In Sarasota, it is daily routine watching drivers behave badly. Moreover, this view doesn’t include aggressive driving, which is another safety concern to auto accident lawyers.

Instead, we live in a culture of distracted driving. Accordingly, while drivers should be looking at traffic, they primarily focus on their phones. Moreover, calling, texting, and email are popular ways drivers pass time in traffic. Consider, a motor vehicle weighs several tons and travels at relatively high speeds. So, when a driver is looking at a phone, you know something bad is likely to occur.

Sadly, the next call is from a grieving family or injured person to auto accident lawyers seeking help. And, all of this is completely preventable.

Auto Accident Lawyers Pursue Your Full Compensation

Honest, straightforward, and driven for clients, I’m Sarasota accident lawyer David Harris. While there are other auto accident lawyers, I have vast experience in crash claims. Moreover, I personally represent good people harmed by careless conduct.

Accordingly, when you are my client, you can pick up a phone—but not while you’re driving—and call me when you want. And, we’ll talk right away or you receive a quick call back. Moreover, every question you ask receives an honest answer.

Importantly, I aggressively pursue all financial compensation you deserve. Because, I’m determined to help you move forward. And, to win big.

Finally, you don’t owe me anything unless we win money. So, take this moment and contact me for you free consultation.

best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney
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