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I’m a veteran accident lawyer Sarasota, so many people ask me, “what to do after a car accident”? Your answer is quite simple. If you have been hurt in any way, take an ambulance to your nearest Emergency Room.

best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney

Accident Lawyer Sarasota Says Take Ambulance to the ER

In a car accident, a driver or passenger may be out-of-it. And, as a result, have no idea how hurt he or she really is. Some injuries, such as broken bones, may be obvious. However, other injuries, including brain damage, spinal damage, or disc herniation, are often not immediately obvious. In fact, signs and symptoms reflecting serious conditions may not appear for days or weeks.

As an experienced accident lawyer Sarasota, I know many injury victims refuse an ambulance or EMS services thinking they’re okay. This may seem, and actually be, completely reasonable under your circumstances. Understandably, a crash injury victim feels some pain but wants to get home to family and recover there. Moreover, no one wants to visit a hospital. But, for your own safety you should do so.

Accident Lawyer Sarasota Knows Insurance Companies Care About EMS Transport

However, in car accident injury claims, insurance companies typically attack victims who don’t go to hospital by ambulance. Although not based on medical evidence, insurance companies often treat non-use of emergency medical services harshly. Moreover, they suggest your injuries are not related to your car wreck because you didn’t seek immediate emergency medical treatment.

I know how silly this seems. But, it’s true. I see this routinely in my accident lawyer Sarasota practice. While illogical and not based on medical science, insurance companies often insist “no ambulance means no injury occurred.” This does not mean your genuine accident injury claim is lost or you did something wrong.

Instead, whether you used EMS or not, this whole approach is about challenges you face. Accordingly, if you have major injuries, then you should trust me as your experienced accident lawyer Sarasota. I’ll explain your situation to the insurance carrier and champion your cause.

Accident Lawyer Sarasota Warns You About Insurance Company Tactics

Every accident lawyer Sarasota knows a driver who caused your crash has an insurance company. That insurance company is eager to protect their driver and leave you high-and-dry. Do not give them the chance to harm your claim.

Accordingly, don’t talk to another driver’s insurance company. This means no recorded statement, no meeting, and no nothing. When you have retained me as your accident lawyer Sarasota, then we’ll take appropriate steps to advance your claim quickly.

Instead, retain me as your accident lawyer Sarasota right away. I’ll step in and handle your insurance headaches.

What To Do After Car Accident: Now Call Your Sarasota Accident Lawyer

Do not become an insurance victim. Now you know what to do after car accident! If you suffered a real injury in Southwest Florida, then go to your ER by ambulance. Moreover, don’t talk to another driver’s insurance company. Accordingly, now you are past that immediate danger. So, contact me as your experienced accident lawyer Sarasota for a free review of your situation.

I’ve been been a trial attorney and litigator since 1995, and I fight for my clients. Moreover, you are welcomed as a client and encouraged to meet with me or call me whenever you have questions or thoughts you want to share. Don’t wait, reach out and talk to me now.

best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney
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