What To Do Following A Bicycle Crash

A bicycle crash is a tragic event. Unfortunately, one is far too many. Moreover, in Southwest Florida, we experience these accidents often, particularly during our season. If you or someone you love suffers bicycle crash injuries or worse, then contact my office for immediate legal help.

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Sarasota Bicycle Crash Lawyer Explains Causes

Because we typically have bike-favorable weather conditions, cycling on our area is more popular than ever. Moreover, Collier County, Charlotte County, and Sarasota have increased bicycle lanes among heavy traffic commuter roads.

However, heavy motor vehicle traffic during our most popular months November through April, make bicycling an increasingly dangerous activity. We see a sharp increase in bicycle crash injuries. Because, and sadly, many drivers often don’t respect cyclists’ rights to our roads.

Especially relevant, some drivers are hostile to cyclists, and deliberately don’t share our roads with bicycle traffic. Accordingly, there are more vehicle-bike accidents. Moreover, vehicles always win these incidents. So, injuries and fatalities often occur.

Sarasota Bicycle Crash Lawyer Discusses Bicycle Rights

In Florida, bicycle riders must comply with our Florida Traffic Code. Accordingly, our law views bikes on public roads as vehicles.

For example, cyclists must obey traffic signs and signals. Therefore, when cyclists should stop at stop signs and traffic signals like any other vehicle. Moreover. Florida also requires lights and reflectors for bicyclists riding after sunset. Accordingly, this is similar to our requirement motor vehicles turn on headlights after sunset.

Importantly, avoiding a bicycle crash requires only common sense. Motorists already have a duty to obey all traffic laws. Moreover, drivers must exercise reasonable care near bicycles and riders.

However, far too often, drivers attempt to outrun a bicyclist. And, these maneuvers often cause a catastrophic or deadly bicycle crash.

Pursuing Financial Compensation After Your Bicycle Crash

Like most people, if you are a cyclist who also owns a car and has auto insurance, then you’ll have some protection against medical bills, lost wages, and/or funeral expenses following a bicycle crash. Especially relevant, your auto insurance PIP pays a portion of these initial expenses. However, your injuries are often large and PIP benefits small. So, you need much more money to help you.

As a Sarasota accident lawyer having decades experience, I pursue all liable parties and insurance available in bicycle crash cases. Accordingly, I seek money for your pain and suffering, hospital and medical bills, and income losses. Moreover, I pursue all money you deserve.

While money may not heal your wounds, it may provide comfort and resolve your financial needs. Therefore, I fight to win.

Moreover, in bicycle crash claims, you don’t owe me any fees or costs unless we win. And, I provide you updates in real time, promptly respond to all your phone calls, and answer your questions.

In Southwest Florida, I’m here for you. Take this moment and begin your free and in-depth consult.

best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney
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