The Road To Recovery After A Bike Accident Can Be A Long One

No one wants to be in a bike crash. We all understand this. However, motorists often don’t appreciate cyclist safety enough to prevent these tragedies. In Southwest FloridaSarasota, North Port, Siesta Key, Manasota Key, Nokomis, Englewood, Lakewood Ranch, Venice, Sarasota Beach, Marco Island, Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte—, as your local Sarasota Accident Lawyer, I stand up for your rights and by you in our fight for compensation.

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Accident Lawyer Discusses Bike Crash Injuries

We all know cycling is a fantastic alternative to driving. Moreover, it’s a fun, healthy, and economical way to get to work, school, or other appointments. However, you must practice bicycle safety to avoid a bike crash.

A bicyclist has little defense against a motor vehicle. Especially relevant is a bike crash occurs with great force. Accordingly, resulting injuries are often serious. Moreover, these injuries are commonly disabling or cause death.

From broken bones to brain damage, a bike crash can change your life. Accordingly, safety first, fun second.

Safety Tips to Avoid a Bike Crash

Every person riding a bicycle should ride defensively. Given how often a bike crash occurs in our area, you must do what you can to avoid a tragic accident.

  • Take cycling seriously. Keep your bike in good repair, and wear a helmet every time you ride.
  • Ride predictably. Follow traffic rules. Signal when you are turning. Moreover, avoid weaving in and out of traffic or between parked cars.
  • Be Visible. Motorists might not see you. So, make yourself visible by wearing bright, reflective clothing, using a headlight and tail light, and riding where motorists are expecting to see traffic.
  • Stop and Look. Before you turn onto a street or sidewalk from a driveway or another roadway where visibility is low, stop your bike.
  • Ride with Traffic. In other words, stay on your right-hand side. In Florida, riding against traffic flow violates our traffic code.
  • Three Feet Rule. Ride at least three feet from parked cars. You never know when someone will open their door in your path.

These are basic safety tips which just may help you avoid a tragic bike crash. Accordingly, if you already practice this safety, then great. However, if you don’t then live by them when you ride.

David Pursues Top Compensation After Your Bike Crash

Avoiding a bike crash is a great way to avoid needing me. However, some motorists choose to drive carelessly, and you cannot stop this conduct.

Accordingly, if despite your best efforts, you suffer major injuries in a bike crash, then contact me as soon as possible. While you focus on healing, I’ll work on obtaining compensation you need and deserve for financial comfort and stability.

Look, with decades experience, I’m open, honest, and work for you. So, when you hire me—and there is no fee unless we win—I start right way. Moreover, I provide real-time updates and answer all your questions. Accordingly, when you call, I listen respond promptly.

Contact me for your free, personal, and thorough consultation now.

best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney
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