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best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney

As a Sarasota boat accident attorney, I know any injury involving boats or personal watercraft are considered boat accidents. Moreover, in our Gulf and Caloosahatchee River, we know many serious boat accidents occur. And, our local lakes, rivers, and larger canals encounter similar incidents.

Especially relevant, according to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, most local boating accidents occur in Caloosahatchee River, Sarasota Beach, and Manasota Key. These events change lives.

Boat Accident Attorney Discusses Common Causes

As your experienced boat accident attorney, I know Sarasota is among Florida’s top ten counties for boating accidents. Moreover, authorities report in Sarasota Florida there are common operator errors causing mishaps:

  • operator inattention
  • no proper lookout
  • operator inexperience
  • excessive speed
  • congested waters
  • equipment failure

Accordingly, drawing on my boat accident attorney experience, there are two steps for preventing most watercraft injuries. First, pay attention. And, second, wear a life jacket.

hence, common sense goes a long way.

Sarasota Boat Accident Attorney Fights Negligence

Most boating accident injury claims result from boat operator negligence. In addition, under Florida law, a boat or vessel operator must exercise reasonable care to avoid injury. Accordingly, as your boat accident attorney, I use our laws pursuing maximum damages for your harms and losses.

Hence, negligence comes in many forms. Common incidents include:

  • dock or buoy collision
  • flooding or swamping
  • vessel collision
  • fall inside boat
  • grounding
  • striking sandbar
  • falls overboard

Moreover, when you’re hurt, you experience pain, suffering, and financial expenses. Accordingly, as your boat accident attorney, I’m seeking money to cover yours needs and financial stability.

Boat Accident Attorney Serves Southwest Florida

I’m your experienced Sarasota boat accident attorney. And, I put you first. Therefore, I answer your calls or promptly return them. Moreover, you call me when you need me. We develop a trusting and honest personal attorney-client relationship. Accordingly, you’ll always get fair and honest answers to all your questions.

Importantly, I understand your pain and financial needs. Therefore, I passionately pursue top money damages compensation. Moreover, while I work hard for you, you don’t pay fees as we go. Instead, I only get paid if we win.

Let’s start our discussion right now. My initial consultation is free and confidential.

best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney
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