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As your experienced Sarasota boating accident attorney, I know Sarasota Florida has great recreational boating and fishing opportunities.

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Moreover, our communities—Sarasota, North Port, Sarasota Beach, Matlacha, Bokeelia, Siesta Key, and Manasota Key—and Southwest Florida, are home to private fleets.

Unfortunately, all boaters aren’t equal. instead, mishaps occur, and boaters and passengers are injured. Accordingly, if you’re seriously injured, then contact me. I’m your Sarasota boating accident attorney, and I’m here for you.

Boating Accident Attorney Helps Victims in Southwest Florida

Local access to our Gulf, lakes, rivers, streams, and canals, provides numerous boating opportunities. Consequently, beginners and veteran boaters explore our shores and waterways every day.

Moreover, there are approximately one million registered vessels in Florida. Moreover, unregistered boats account for thousands more. Accordingly, all these boats, varying operator experience levels, and ignoring safety rules equals boating accidents.

Sadly, major injuries or death often result. While your confused, stressed and suffering, you should act fast. Contact me immediately as your experienced Sarasota boating accident attorney.

Boating Accident Attorney Discusses Watercraft Injuries

Operator error causes most boating injuries. Unfortunately, many inexperienced boaters navigate our local waterways.

Generally, our safe boating laws and rules are enforced by our Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission—known locally as FWC. Moreover, local law enforcement marine units also have jurisdiction. Finally, our U.S. Coast Guard enforces federal maritime laws and rules.

Every boater must comply with safe boating rules. And, there are many of them. Moreover, violations often cause injury and death.

As your Sarasota boating accident attorney, I pursue all responsible parties for your harms and losses.

Local Boating Accident Attorney Discusses Sarasota Incidents

Sarasota Florida is no stranger to boating tragedies. For example, authorities have highlighted our most common incidents:

  • Boaters falling overboard cause most boating fatalities
  • Drowning causes death in most boat accidents
  • Alcohol or drug use is responsible for numerous boating deaths

Accordingly, every boat passenger should wear a personal flotation device (PFD) or life jacket. This provide each passenger with basic drowning prevention measures. Coast Guard approved PFD rated for each user type are the only life jackets you should use on any vessel.

Moreover, no one should operate any boat or watercraft when impaired by alcohol or drugs. Impairment clouds decision-making, leading to poor judgment and response time. As a result, serious boating incidents occur causing injury or death.

As as soon as possible after such incidents, contact me to begin as your Sarasota boating accident attorney.

Boating Accident Attorney Seeks Justice for You

Injuries on water harm real people and cause hardship for years. When your injuries, hardships, and losses result from safety violations or careless boating, then contact me. I’m a boating accident attorney with experience and drive. Moreover, I pursue liable parties to help you overcome new obstacles you face.

Understand as your boating accident attorney I personally represent you. Moreover, I value you. Accordingly, when I take your case, I’ll answer your questions, be available by phone, and welcome your opinions. In addition, I include you in your claim from beginning to end.

Your initial consultation is free, personal, and confidential. Let’s start our discussion together.

best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney
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