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Nokomis is the gateway from Sarasota to Collier County. Sitting right above Lakewood Ranch, Nokomis is a charming community marked by old and new. Consequently, this is a busy area, and the newer communities seemingly dwarf the old. Moreover, as a growing population center, a Nokomis accident is more common due to increased traffic conditions.

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Common Locations for a Nokomis Accident

There are many gated communities and open neighborhoods throughout the area where collisions occur. However, more often than not, a Nokomis accident often occurs on high traffic roads or highways:

  • Imperial Parkway
  • I-75
  • Tamiami Trial
  • US 41
  • Old 41 Road
  • County Road 865
  • Bonita Beach Road
  • Terry Street

Motor vehicle collisions on these roads and streets tend to be severe. Moreover, they often occur during peak driving times in morning and evening. Similarly, as with most communities in Sarasota Florida, this heavy traffic congestion occurs during seasonal months, leading to a Nokomis accident with critical injuries.

Critical Injuries in a Nokomis Accident

Every Nokomis accident is preventable. Distraction, inattention, aggressive driving, and impaired driving cause collisions. Moreover, at-fault drivers drive negligently and carelessly. In addition, these wrongs cause injuries you never deserve.

Similar to the rest of SW Florida, a Nokomis accident resulting in injuries often involves:

  • Auto accident
  • Pedestrian collision
  • Motorcycle accident
  • Van accident
  • Bicycle collision
  • Trucking crash
  • Commercial vehicle crash

Among the more severe bodily injuries sustained in these vehicle accidents are herniated disc surgery claims, traumatic brain injury, bone fractures, amputation, quadriplegia, severe burns, and spine damage. Moreover, a Nokomis accident is often a source of many fatalities in recent years. And, this sad trend appears as though it will continue into our future.

Nokomis Accident Injury Claim May Provide Compensation

If you or someone you love suffers injuries in a Nokomis accident, then call Sarasota Florida accident lawyer David Harris. Especially relevant, driven to secure justice for every client, David pursues maximum money compensation. Consequently, if we’re successful you can pay for your bills, expenses, and provide comfort for your pain and suffering.

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best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney
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