Florida Box Trucks In Relation To Car Accidents

Box trucks are a common sight throughout Sarasota, Florida and the rest of our Southwest Florida region. Used by companies for many purposes, box delivery trucks operate on every major road, highway, and street in our communities. More of these vehicles means a box truck accident occurs more often.

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These company vehicles are larger than ordinary passenger cars and trucks, but much smaller than tractor semi trailers. Box trucks are more difficult to operate and have more limited response times to make evasive maneuvers than smaller vehicles.

Given the number of these vehicles, and their driving limitations, it is no wonder that a box truck accident causes so much harm so frequently on our roads.

Box Truck Accident Involves Delivery Vehicles

Many businesses use box trucks as part of their commercial fleet of vehicles. These vehicles are smaller than tractor trailers and semi trucks, and often used to transport goods and materials within a local region. While some of these vehicles may be used for interstate travel, more often then not they used in a smaller geographic area, such as in between counties. The popularity of this versatile vehicle for delivery is why a box truck accident is a routine event.

A box truck is known by many different names:

  • Box delivery truck
  • Dry freight body
  • Dry freight van body
  • Straight truck
  • Cube truck
  • Cube van
  • Bob truck

Make no mistake, a box truck accident involves a company vehicle.

These company vehicles—which have weights exceeding 10,000 pounds categorized them as commercial vehicles, while smaller versions do not—are identifiable because of their square or rectangular shapes. The name associated with these vehicles comes from the cargo area’s box-shape. The cargo bay which stores product, equipment, and materials is located behind the driver’s cab. The rear door on a box truck is most commonly a roll up rear door, similar to a garage door.

Box Truck Accident Involves Company Vehicles

A box truck comes in a variety of sizes and is generally used by contractors and companies that need to haul large items. Although these vehicles are not the size of 18-wheelers, each is equipped with a powerful engine, reinforced steel chassis, and considerable weight. In virtually every box truck accident claim, the nature of the vehicle is commercial.

These company vehicles are used by several different types of businesses of all sizes:

  • Moving companies
  • Furniture delivery
  • Appliance delivery
  • Plumbers
  • Carpet installers
  • Air conditioning and heating contractors
  • Package delivery
  • Building contractors

Box trucks are used for commercial—business—purposes. Because of their heavy weight, many of the larger class of these vehicles require the operator to possess a valid commercial driving license.

When loaded with cargo, box trucks are extremely heavy, challenging to drive and maneuver, and have longer stopping distances when brakes are applied than passenger vehicles. These factors increase the risk of a major box truck accident.

Attorney for Box Truck Accident in Southwest Florida Pursues Justice

When a box truck accident occurs, the size, force, and weight of the large vehicle usually results in a forceful impact. The power behind the box vehicle typically crushes any smaller car, motorcycle, or pickup in the truck’s path. Severe or catastrophic personal injury or tragic wrongful death often result from a box truck accident.

Because these vehicles are commercial in nature, special laws apply to the business which own them and the drivers who operate them. For those innocent drivers who have been injured or tragically lost a love one in a box truck accident in Southwest Florida—Sarasota, Collier County, Charlotte County, Hendry County—then you already know the long road of pain, hardship, and burdens you will carry forward into the future.

Some measure of peace of mind, comfort, and financial security may be available for you and your loved ones. While money compensation will not take away your damages, severe harms, and catastrophic losses, such funds may help provide the means to overcome so many obstacles on the horizon.

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