Brain Trauma After An Accident Or Personal Injury

The typical indifference of insurance companies toward injury victims is nothing new. Big insurance stands behind the negligent driver, careless property owner, or reckless business. In brain trauma cases, this is more than just a frustrating process. Denial, delay, or low-ball settlement offers are routine.

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You did nothing wrong. You did not deserve to be hurt. The actions of the insurance company claims representative seem unimaginable, and those actions suggest that insurance is the victim. This has to stop.

Brain Trauma Refers to Genuine Harms and Losses

Brain trauma injury comes in many forms, from mild to moderate to severe to catastrophic. Among the specific harms include paralysis, vision loss, speech loss, hearing loss, organ failure, loss of reasoning, personality disorder. The severity of each of these conditions depends on the nature of the brain trauma and timely treatment.

Even when a survivor is able to start piecing back together his or her life following the incident, obstacles remain. Moderate and mild brain trauma injury are still permanent conditions. There may be improvements, which is wonderful, but accident victim has changed. Usually, therapy, counseling, and education are needed to help these survivors accommodate their limits and overcome limitations.

When Insurance Companies Behave Badly Toward Brain Trauma Victims

Despite all the advertising, insurance companies are not known for their warm and fuzzy disposition. These are billion dollar corporations and can be ruthless.

It is not unusual for a an insurance claims representative to suggest that the brain trauma survivor has made a full recovery, suffers from only minor impairments, and therefore deserves minimal compensation. If the sufferer is not paralyzed or comatose, then the adjuster may suggest MTBI exists and does not warrant the full measure of damages.

Impairments and deficits such as memory loss, personality change, or weakness, in the view of big insurance, mild issues. This indifference manifests itself when the company starts spending tens of thousands of dollars and more to hire lawyers, doctors, and employment experts to support their defense that survivor is medically fine or better, doing well, or will be fully recovered soon.

Brain trauma survivors should not be victimized by the at-fault insurance company refusing responsibility for a negligent insured driver, employer, or store.

Injury Lawyer Fights Insurance Companies for Brain Trauma Survivors

Brain trauma is dramatic for the victim and family, and the legal claims are usually complex. Pursuing full compensation with passion, understanding, and skill, is a big step towards achieving justice.

Representing brain injured clients and knowing the challenges they face, is not for everyone. Expert Sarasota personal injury lawyer David Harris is experienced in brain trauma claims and driven to do great work on behalf of every client. Just as every survivor faces hardship, every legal claim faces challenges.

Together, David and the client and family work through the circumstances to obtain results. Clients are valued here, so become one. Contact David today for a free and thorough consultation.

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