What Happens Regarding Broken Bones After An Accident

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Broken bone injuries often result from trauma. Impact may result from an auto accident, slip and fall, or construction mishap, or similar force.

While advances in orthopedic medicine have certainly improved over the last decade, the fact is that broken bones are permanent conditions. Years after broken bones injuries heal, your original fracture is often visible on x-ray. Of course, for those who have have metal implants placed inside the body, the remnants of the fracture remain for a lifetime.

Broken Bone Injury is Typically Permanent

Broken bone injuries are very painful, as bones are often shattered and damage surrounding muscle, ligaments, and skin. Nerves near fractures are often damaged, and intense pain signals can last for long periods. Even after bones unify, pain exists.

Broken bone injury healing can range from months to years. This depends on several factors. Among them are fracture severity, surgery performed, complications, implants used, and your age and overall health.

In serious bone fracture injuries, there are often multiple surgeries need to fix your conditions. In fact, when bones do not unify correctly, sometimes bone must be surgically re-broken to re-start bone healing.

Major Surgery Often Requires Metal Implants to Fix Broken Bone Injuries

Broken bone injuries are not just physically painful, but limit your mobility, or ability to get around. Accordingly, work and leisure limit weight bearing, altering your daily life. A hip fracture may require wheelchair use, whereas a tibia-fibula fracture may require crutches for months.

These daily activity restrictions become even more trying and burdensome when a broken bone injury patient undergoes major orthopedic surgery. Nowadays, most bone surgery uses metal implants to secure bones. Examples include:

  • plate insertion
  • metal cage around bone
  • insert titanium screws
  • rod or pin implants

In addition to surgery and permanent metal implants—metal hardware which remains for life—many patients require more devices. Hard cast, bracing, and similar devices stabilize broken bones and keep pressure off.

Serious Broken Bone Injury Deserves Full and Fair Compensation

A broken bone and similar major injury caused by negligence is a damaging condition. You deserve top compensation for your pain and suffering. However, insurance companies do not want to pay. Rather, they often low ball orthopedic injury claims.

Sarasota injury lawyer David Harris pursues full and fair compensation for broken bone injuries. Wrongdoers and insurance companies are responsible and should pay what is fair and just. Moreover, David helps people just like you, using experience, drive and determination to pursue your best interests.

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best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney
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