Broken Tib Fib After Car Accident Information

Auto accidents and fall incidents throughout SWFL are a daily occurrence. Unfortunately, many of these preventable crashes and falls result in injury. Severe broken bones below the knee include fracture of the tibia and fibula, also known as broken Tib Fib.

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Broken Tib Fib are Major Injuries

The lower leg below the knee and above the ankle consists of two important bones: the tibia and fibula. The tibia carries most of a person’s body weight. The fibula is connected to the ankle, is the smaller lower leg bone, and is located toward the outer part of the leg. The fibula works in conjunction with the tibia for strength and agility.

Although a broken Tib Fib can happen several ways, the impact of an auto accident can cause a direct impact to the bones. Such force on the lower leg may force the bones to contort, contract, or be pushed into the hard interior compartment, or twist inside that compartment.

Similarly, in a slip and fall or trip and fall accident, a direct blow to the lower leg may cause the broken Tib Fib. In most instances, however, the sudden twisting of the foot and knee from a fixed position with the body’s weight causes the tibia and fibula to snap into pieces.

The tibia and fibula are critical components of the leg enabling us to walk, bear weight, and get around. Damage to these bones results in hardship for the patient. A broken Tib Fib typically cannot be healed with a simple cast, and requires extensive surgery and therapy.

Surgical Repair of Broken Tib Fib

Broken Tib Fib are very painful injuries. These broken bones require surgery to repair and promote healing.

  • Open reduction internal fixation: Also known as ORIF surgery, the patient undergoes an operation to put the pieces of bone fragments back together.
  • Metal implants: Rods, plates, and screws, are implanted in the patient to align the bones and secure them in place.
  • Medical devices: Crutches, walking boot, wheelchair, and similar aids are used to keep weight off of the tibia and fibula while they heal in place.
  • Post-surgical therapy: After the surgery and non-weight bearing period are complete, the patient undergoes therapy to gradually place weight on the leg.

When the medical treatment is completed, the rod, nail, plates, and screws will remain permanent fixtures in the patient’s leg. Over time, it may be necessary for the victim to undergo additional surgery for repair or replacement of the plate and screws, as these implants can move or become loose.

Pursuing Compensation for Broken Tib Fib Injuries in Southwest Florida

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