Where You In A Business Vehicle Accident?

Commercial vehicles are company, or business, vehicles. They come in all shapes and sizes. In Southwest Florida, including Sarasota, Collier County, Charlotte County, and Hendry County, a business vehicle accident is a routine event..

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Business Vehicle Accident Involves Company Cars, Trucks, Vans and More

A business vehicle accident often involves company cargo vans, pick-ups, SUVs, and small and medium trucks with trailers. In other instances, a passenger car is part of a company fleet of autos. What relates all of these motor vehicles together is that they are used for business purposes. A business vehicle—car, truck, or van—is owned by a company or used for a business purpose.

An important factor in a business vehicle accident is the type of bodily injury liability insurance coverage which applies to the claim. Commercial auto policies purchased to cover business fleets, or vehicles owned by a company or corporation, typically offer more coverage than residential vehicles.

These policies are usually written to cover larger losses to protect the company owner from a large liability claim involving personal injury or wrongful death. A serious business vehicle accident injury claim, for example, could expose the company to a significant money damages claim. The larger commercial auto insurance policy can help insulate the business from exposure to a huge out-of-pocket risk.

It is common for commercial vehicle policies to insure business vehicle accident claim in a minimum amount of one million dollars and often more. The size of the liability policy often mirrors the size of the business or a portion of the exposed company’s assets.

Liability for Business Vehicle Accident

Liability for a business vehicle accident causing injury or death occurs in a few different ways:

  • Non-employee driver of business vehicle causes crash involving death or injury: A money damages claim may exist against the owner of the vehicle and the at-fault driver. The commercial auto policy of the business vehicle owner and the personal auto policy of the driver may cover the damages. Damages against the business owner may be limited, however, under Florida law.
  • Employee driver business vehicle causes crash involving death or injury: A money damages claim may exist against the business owner of the vehicle, the business which employed the driver, and the at-fault driver. The commercial auto policy of the business owner and the personal auto policy of the driver may cover the damages. Umbrella coverage may apply for the negligent driving of the employee. Additionally, damages against the business are probably not limited as there is a direct liability claim involving the business for the employee’s negligence which caused injury or death.

In either scenario, there may be enough insurance coverage to provide the business vehicle accident injury victim with high compensation for harms and losses.

Examples of Company Autos Involved in Business Vehicle Accident

Smaller company autos which can cause a business vehicle accident include cargo vans, pickup trucks, and similar service vans and light trucks. Oftentimes, drivers of these motor vehicles do not possess a commercial driver’s license.

Many small business trucks and vans are used by contractors in the construction and building industry, as well as other home service trades. Similarly, cars and sports utility vehicles which have advertising for their services may be fleet vehicles for small and large companies.

Insurance companies, taxi cabs, medical transport, dry cleaners, airport limo, passenger vans, realtor, courier, residential cleaning service, and similar service-based businesses often carry commercial auto coverage. When the driver is on-the-job or driving for work purposes, then the business has a responsibility to make sure the driver operates the commercial vehicle in a safe manner and with reasonable care. When a business vehicle accident occurs, then the company is financially responsible for any injuries.

Compensation for Business Vehicle Accident Injury

When the driver of a company car—commercial vehicle—is negligent and causes a business vehicle accident, then there is a reasonable chance that there will be sufficient auto insurance coverage to pay the crash victim fair compensation for injuries. The circumstances of the crash, nature of the business, and types of injuries and losses determine what compensation is available, and how much money damages can be paid for the harms and losses.

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