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No matter how basic traffics rule may be, many drivers in Cape Coral and throughout Sarasota violate them every single day. As a Cape Coral accident lawyer having experience and hunger to win for you, I explain our left-turn rule right here.

best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney

Cape Coral Accident Says Left Turning Vehicles Must Yield

Under Florida law, a driver intending to turn to left at an intersection or driveway must yield right-of-way to any vehicle approaching from an opposite direction. In other words, as a left-turning driver at an intersection, you yield to all oncoming traffic. Moreover, you may only make this turn after all traffic clears intersection.

I cannot tell you how many times as a Cape Coral accident lawyer I come across this crash scenario. Especially relevant, left turn drivers insist they don’t need to yield to cars approaching them. Moreover, many believe they can outrun cars speeding toward them from a dead top before they turn. You don’t have to be a Cape Coral accident lawyer to know this is often more hopeful than logical.

Cape Coral Accident Lawyer Recommends Defensive Driving

Unfortunately, as we all know, despite our laws, drivers do what they want to do. Accordingly, play it safe and drive defensively.

Moreover, as my Cape Coral accident lawyer safety tips, when stopped at an intersection look and you’ll observe:

  • Motorist slowly enters intersection to make turn while light is green in both directions
  • Driver attempts left turn while turn arrow is red
  • Driver crosses divided highway to median cut out for left turn

Drivers take risks with your health and life. As your Cape Coral accident lawyer, I hold them accountable for your harms and losses, seeking maximum financial compensation for you.

Crash Causes Explained by Cape Coral Accident Lawyer

While vehicles making left-hand turns don’t yield to approaching cars, trucks and vans, collisions happen. Moreover, based on my experience and knowledge as your Cape Coral accident lawyer, some common violations a left-hand turning motorist commits include:

  • failure to yield
  • running a red light
  • speeding on yellow light
  • distracted driving
  • aggressive driving
  • driving under the influence

  • not stopping at stop sign
  • no yield at merge lane
  • running a stop sign
  • failure to signal while making turn
  • speeding
  • failure to obey traffic signals

Many times a vehicle begins turning and an opposing vehicle speeds up to beat the red light. Accordingly, if you are a victim in such a crash, then contact me as your Cape Coral accident lawyer and we’ll explore your circumstances.

Cape Coral Accident Lawyer Pursues Your Financial Compensation

Car wrecks often result in major injuries and permanent changes. Moreover, they cause most traumatic injuries and related fatalities by far.

As your Cape Coral accident lawyer, I represent injured persons throughout our local communities. Moreover, I personally represent you and handle your case. Accordingly, when you have questions I answer them. In addition, I am available to you when you need me. So, if you have opinions, questions, or just want to talk, then you contact me and we’ll discuss. I don’t ignore clients.

Importantly, I pursue maximum compensation for you. I know our laws and how to use them for your benefit. Moreover, I fight to win.

Get in touch for your free and personal consultation today. Use my easy online form or call me.

best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney
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