How A Car Accident Can Change Your Life

Almost every car accident Sarasota is avoidable. For example, the auto insurance industry’s own Insurance Institute for Highway Safety studies this issue every year. Their conclusion? Ninety percent of vehicle collisions are preventable. Moreover, they conclude most crashes result from driver inattention.

best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney

Driver Distractions Cause Car Accident Sarasota Injuries

Driver distractions is a common factor in every car accident Sarasota. While driving, people remove their focus from our roads onto other activities:

  • making phone calls
  • reading or composing text messages
  • eating
  • applying cosmetics
  • grooming
  • tuning a radio
  • adjusting a navigation system

These are all distracting behaviors. Moreover, they cause a car accident Sarasota. So, why needlessly place others at risk? Because, we’re impatient. Hence, we’re rushing from point A to point B, and use our vehicles as virtual extensions of our homes.

Look, every car accident Sarasota is unfortunate. Moreover, many collisions result in tragedy. We need to do better.

Car Accident Sarasota Liability

After every car accident Sarasota, our immediate concern is health and well-being. Moreover, for those suffering injuries and damages, your accident lawyer pursues financial compensation to pay for your harms and losses.

Especially relevant, in vehicle collisions at least one driver is at fault. Consequently, an accountable driver may be held liable—legally responsible to pay money damages—to you. Moreover, as your Sarasota accident lawyer, I pursue money damages from all additional parties liable for your injuries and suffering.

Because, in every crash, there is a driver and owner facing legal responsibility. However, there may be other parties legally accountable for your financial compensation. Together, we’ll review your circumstances and determine who is liable to pay you.

Hurt in a Car Accident Sarasota Area? Get David

In Sarasota Florida, you have a choice in your lawyer. Accordingly, choose experience. Moreover, pick an attorney who is responsive to you and your needs. I have experience and drive to help you secure compensation you need and deserve.

When you hire me after your car accident Sarasota, you owe nothing unless we win money for you. In addition, I’m available and responsive. Accordingly, when you call, I respond. And, if you have questions, I answer them. You’ll never have to chase me down or try finding me. Rather, I’m open, honest, and welcome our discussions. That’s how I roll.

Your initial consultation is completely free and personal, so let’s start now. Use my easy online form or call.

best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney
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