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As a Christian lawyer, David believes there is a greater purpose in the services he provides on behalf of clients. Serving Southwest Florida, attorney Harris strives to do his best to glorify God in all he does, every day. Of course, falling short of that goal occurs for every servant, and the tests of endurance remain.

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Providing legal relief to those in need, particularly those injured through wrongdoing of others, is a privilege with which I have been deeply blessed by God. I am thankful for this gift, and accordingly, I want to demonstrate professional excellence and wisdom in order to honor Christ.

Goals of a Christian Lawyer: Try to Exhibit Christ-Like Character

As a Christian lawyer, I have accepted Christ as my Savior. I have an obligation as His disciple to work toward exemplifying Christ-like character in my home, office, courtroom, and our communities. Just as this effort may be difficult for you, I also encounter daily challenges to accomplish this goal.

I am well aware of my own flaws. However, I also know our Lord’s power in our lives. Perhaps conventional wisdom is wrong by portraying all trial lawyers as greedy, selfish and prideful.

No matter how much I may fall short on any given day, I never give up on pursuing my mission or goals. I know I will always fall short. This is our burden. However, striving to do my best for His glory is so pleasantly humbling, I know my efforts are not in vain.

Pursuing Justice for Injured Persons in Southwest Florida as a Christian Lawyer

As your Christian lawyer, I am driven to fight for every you and seek full justice every time. Pursuing, and hopefully achieving, maximum compensation for your circumstances is our goal. Moreover, promoting your stewardship over money you receive as compensation is important. I want your financial stability to continue to pay dividends over time.

I understand severe personal injury and wrongful death imposes overwhelming burdens on you and your family. Pursuing justice for you and helping you through your challenges, fuel my best work.

Your Christian Lawyer Represents Those in Need, Whomever They Might Be

As a Christian lawyer, I believe my obligation is serving each client regardless of your walk of life, background, or beliefs. For example, Jesus specifically ministered to those in need, and particularly outcasts, marginalized, or condemned persons in their societies.

Because every Christian is called upon as a disciple to love and live like Jesus, I talk to all potential clients. Moreover, I welcome your requests to help you in your times of need. Consequently, I fight for you as I would my own family and friends. Rest assured, you are genuinely cared for by your Christian lawyer.

Southwest Florida Christian Lawyer is Ready to Help You in Your Personal Injury Claim

If you need highest quality representation, and an experienced, driven, and focused personal injury lawyer to fight for you, then contact me. I’m a Christian lawyer and proud.

Your initial consultation is free. Moreover, I personally and confidentially walk you through our justice process. There is no obligation. And, there are no fees unless we win.

best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney
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