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best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney

A commercial vehicle accident is a daily event in Southwest Florida. Personal injury, pain and suffering, and wrongful death compensation are often significant. To make sure you are receiving the money you deserve, then contact commercial vehicle accident lawyer David Harris.

There are a wide variety of sizes and configurations of commercial vehicles. Many company trucks include big rigs, semi-trucks, 18 wheelers, and similar large trucks. However, most often a commercial vehicle accident in Southwest Florida involves business cargo vans, pick-ups, SUV, and small and medium trucks with trailers. These vehicles are also known as company vehicles, or contractor vehicles.

Commercial Vehicle Accident Typically Involves Bigger Vehicles

Many business vehicles have more horsepower, more weight, and more strength than private vehicles. Moreover, these commercial vehicles typically carry heavy equipment or are loaded with product, and this adds weight to the vehicles. Vehicle maneuverability limits occur.

When these types of vehicles crash into a car or smaller vehicle, the weight and force often cause much more crush damage to the small vehicle. Accordingly, a commercial vehicle accident often causes more serious injuries than passenger cars.

Company Vehicle Causes A Commercial Vehicle Accident

Smaller business vehicles which cause serious accidents are cargo vans, pickup trucks, and similar service vans and light trucks. Oftentimes, drivers of these motor vehicles do not possess a commercial driver’s license. Many small business trucks and vans are used by contractors in the construction and building industry, as well as other services.

Common examples on the roads of Sarasota, Collier County, Charlotte County, are the following:

  • plumber’s van
  • electrician’s van
  • air conditioning contractor van
  • heating and air conditioner contractor van
  • carpet installers van

  • tile and floor contractor van
  • painting contractor van
  • appliance services van
  • package delivery van
  • florist delivery van

There are key factors about what constitutes a commercial vehicle, and whether or not it is used for a business purpose is number one. Moreover, whether an employee was driving for his or her employer at the time of the crash is another key factor. Accordingly, this is important because commercial vehicles typically carry enough insurance to cover all an injury victim’s compensation needs.

Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyer Pursues Serious Injury Claims

Sarasota commercial vehicle accident lawyer David Harris is an experienced trial lawyer and litigator who fights for his client’s full compensation. Moreover, experienced, driven for justice, and focused on client needs, David personally handles every case, answering questions openly and honestly. Consequently, there is no mystery about your claim—you are always in the know.

Finally, David gives you and your case his full attention, working tirelessly to achieve best possible outcomes, and David involves you and in every important stage of your claim. Commercial vehicle accident injury victims in the Southwest Florida region should contact David right away for a free consultation.

best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney
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