Delivery Truck In Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Throughout our Southwest Florida communities we see delivery trucks transporting assorted products and items to businesses and consumers. Crashes involving delivery trucks tend to be serious incidents involving fatalities or severe or catastrophic injuries for survivors.

Delivery Trucks are Commercial Vehicles Serving Business Purposes

Common delivery trucks on our roads are comprised of different configurations and styles, including tractor semi trailers, box trucks, beverage truck body, snack food truck body, and others. The common factor for each of these vehicles is that they are commercial vehicles—weight exceeding 10,001 pounds—and operated for business purposes.

These vehicles serve various business interests, delivering products, equipment, and materials to retail operations. Among the types of delivery trucks on the road are those which are owned by, or serve, retailers or businesses. Different examples of the types of interests are provided:

  • supermarket
  • convenience store
  • warehouse store
  • department store
  • beverage delivery
  • snack food delivery
  • water cooler bottle delivery
  • spring water delivery
  • furniture delivery
  • restaurant supply

Initially, driver negligence is common in these commercial vehicle wrecks because the operators become exhausted from the demanding nature of their jobs. The operators are typically responsible for personally loading and unloading their given delivery vehicle at the distributor warehouse and at the point of sale, e.g. stores on the driver’s assigned route.

These tasks are repeated several times and often multiple repeat trips back and forth between the distributor and stores on the assigned routes throughout the day, and drivers are under pressure to get the job done quickly.

Keep in mind that these operators still have to drive the vehicle, obey traffic laws, and use reasonable care.

Liability for Damages in Delivery Truck Accident Claims

As in every injury case, the circumstances are critical to determining who is liable for damages. In evaluating delivery truck accident claims, we look at several potential sources of compensation for injuries:

  • Insurance companies
  • Delivery truck driver (insurance)
  • Employer of the delivery vehicle driver
  • Owner of the delivery vehicle
  • Point of loading company, such as beverage distributors
  • Beverage wholesalers
  • Offloading points, such as retailers

Determining who is liable for compensation for injury, medical bills, hospital bills, and lost earnings, requires a review of the case facts. There may be several responsible parties, if their actions or omissions were contributing causes to the delivery truck crash.

Commercial vehicle insurance policies, as well as general commercial liability policies, are written to cover negligence and other unsafe practices which lead to delivery vehicle accidents. These policies typically provide more extensive coverage than standard auto policies.

Lawyer for Delivery Truck Crash Victims

There are thousands of delivery trucks and vehicles on our roads and highways. From 18-wheelers to box trucks to beverage trucks and other styles, these commercial vehicles play a large role in local transportation and our local economy.

Tragically, when a traffic collision occurs involving one of these large vehicles, the consequences are often catastrophic or deadly. A delivery truck accident has the potential of delivering a lifetime of pain and suffering and overwhelming expenses in an instant.

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