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A fatal accident in Southwest FloridaSarasota, North Port, Nokomis, Englewood, Lakewood Ranch, Venice, Sarasota Beach, Marco Island, Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte— is typically preventable. Driving errors, mistakes, impairment, and distraction are often contributing factors in this tragic losses. As your Sarasota wrongful death lawyer, I pursue answers, justice, and your family’s financial security moving forward.

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A Fatal Accident Changes Your Family Forever

I know your loved one’s fatal accident transforms your family. Especially relevant, memories and faith bring you closer. But, your loss is a deep wound lasting your lifetime. Consequently, your family changes dramatically.

Every fatal accident brings together wrongful death and traffic laws. As your lawyer, I use wrongful death and survival claims to pursue compensation your family deserves. Moreover, we use traffic laws to prove fault. Accordingly, using Florida law, in each fatal accident we pursue claims against all parties who are legally responsible for causing your family member’s sudden death.

Because a person who dies ceases being a legal entity, in a fatal accident a wrongful death claim is brought by a Personal Representative. However, while a personal representative doesn’t have to be a biological relative, only surviving family members are beneficiaries unless a Will says otherwise. Only relatives may receive direct financial compensation as set forth in Florida’s Wrongful Death Act.

Fatal Accident Claims Come in Several Forms

A fatal accident can arise in most motor vehicle scenarios where careless acts cause death:

  • auto accident
  • motorcycle crash
  • truck accident
  • pedestrian accident
  • bicycle crash
  • boat accident

Moreover, a fatal accident may also arise from construction accidents, premises liability, defective products, and other wrongdoing. However, most often we see these claims in traffic crashes. Because, auto accident are a leading killer throughout Southwest Florida.

Accordingly, when someone dies due to carelessness, then whoever who causes death should be accountable. Especially relevant, a distracted driver may cause a fatal accident, or a vehicle strikes a motorcycle, or a commercial vehicle speeds to make an appointment striking a pedestrian. Accordingly, in a fatal accident, I stand by your family to hold all liable parties legally and financially responsible for your losses and future financial needs.

Pursuing Your Family’s Compensation After a Fatal Accident

Compensation, or money damages, is never enough. Your loved one and family are missing opportunities and a future together. Accordingly, no money is ever sufficient to heal your harms. Trust me, I get it.

Instead, when we pursue money for you and your family, we do so to provide some measure of justice in holding careless parties accountable for these overwhelming losses. Moreover, compensation may provide some comfort and financial security you need moving forward. This can be helpful as bills continue to pour in without regard for your loss.

In Southwest Florida and Sarasota Florida, contact me for help. My experience spans decades, and I know how to win. Moreover, I want to win for you and your family, helping you overcome this period of hardship and loss. Accordingly, I provide you personal counsel throughout our efforts, so whenever you have any questions or opinions to share, I answer and listen.

Let’s start now with your free, personal, and compassionate consultation. Together we’ll discuss your loved one and how I may help you and your family recover compensation from this biggest loss and life challenge.

best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney
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