Why Are Dump Trucks So Dangerous on Our Sarasota Roads?

Dump trucks and hauling vehicles, like may large trucks and commercial vehicles, present hazards to other drivers of smaller vehicles, such as cars, SUVs, motorcycles, and bicycles. While dumps trucks are shorter in length and do not have as large a profile as tractor semi trailer trucks, these vehicles can often weigh just as much.Dump Truck BasicsA dump truck is a vehicle typically used for transporting loose materials, such as construction debris, gravel, dirt, sand, to and from construction sites. Most of the these vehicles are have a cab connected to a reinforced chassis or frame, and equipped with a dump box, also known as a dump bed or bucket. The dump bed has hydraulic pistons to lift the front, allowing the material in the bed to be dumped on the ground behind the truck at the site of delivery. The trucks themselves weigh several tons, but with a full pay load,The construction dump trucks commonly seen on Sarasota roads have one front steering axle, and one or two rear axles which typically have dual wheels on each side. Both rear axles are powered and controlled by the driver. In many cases, one of the axles can be lifted when there is no payload, known as lift axles or drop axles. This is commonly seen here in Southwest Florida, in which one of the rear set of tires appears lifted off of the ground. This should mean there is no pay load.Where Dump Trucks Are Dangerous VehiclesThere are several reasons dump trucks are dangerous vehicles on our Sarasota highways and roads:• Weight: A dump truck with payload can weigh 20-30 tons (which is 40,000 – 60,000 pounds). The impact from a vehicle with such heft and force literally crushes other vehicles in a crash.• Maneuverability: Weight affects the driver’s ability to steer, stop, and control these mammoth trucks. Think of a dump truck like a street-legal tank, and you begin to appreciate not only how strong these vehicles are, but also how awkward these vehicles can be to operate. Driver experience and commitment to “safety first” is critical.• Loose Payload: While Florida and federal regulations require all payloads in a dump truck to be secure, the reality is that many times they are not. Dump truck drivers often fail to secure a strong, durable, and effective covering over the loose material in the payload. Trucking companies fail to maintain the tarps which cover payloads, which is why we often see worn, frayed, and completely ineffective coverings on dump truck beds. This means loose material escapes and becomes dangerous for any vehicles near the dump truck, especially at high speeds on I-75, State Road 80, State Road 82, and similar larger roads.

Types of Negligence Responsible for Sarasota Trucking Accidents

• Truck Driver Negligence: When a dump truck driver fails to obey traffic laws, and the trucking company ignores trucking regulations, the results can be catastrophic. There are not “fender-benders” with these heavy vehicles, and even a smaller impact causes huge damage and potentially catastrophe injury. Locally, we see dump truck drivers racing to get to their destination with a full payload, speeding above posted speed limits, and appearing to through caution to the wind (along with the unsecured load blowing, dripping, or spilling from the dump bed). From what we have seen and incidents described to us, when a crash with a dump truck is avoided, it is usually the driver of the car who took quick, evasive action to prevent a tragedy.• Dump Trucks Operate on Commuter Roads: Unlike many tractor trailers which spend most of their time on highways and interstates, dump trucks primarily operate on major commuter roads, streets in residential neighborhoods, and commercial plazas. In other words, dump trucks are more exposed to congested traffic involving cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians, than tractor semi trailers. This means greater risk of a serious accident.In the end, an accident with a dump truck in Sarasota is often disastrous for victims. Fractures, spinal cord injury, head injury, and death are routine tragic consequences in these incidents.David Harris Law Firm Represents Injured Victims of a Sarasota Dump Truck CrashIf you or family members have been seriously injured in a crash with a dump truck in Sarasota or Southwest Florida, then contact accident lawyer David Harris. You will receive a free and confidential initial discussion of your dump truck accident injury claim, we will provide you with an honest assessment of your circumstances and how we may help. We pursue full compensation in dump truck crash claims, and will work with you in pursuit of obtaining your money damages.

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