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In tort law, known more commonly as “personal injury law” nowadays, compensation means money. Negligent parties pay injury compensation for your injury or damages.

A wrongdoer—a person or company who committed errors hurting someone—cannot go back in time and undo these mistakes. Accordingly, our civil justice system uses our only way to make up for harms and losses as payment of money. That’s it.

Yes, there may be (although rarely) an apology letter or something along those lines. However, substantive resolution, or injury compensation, is money paid to make up for damages. For example, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and paying bills and expenses, are damages. In this regard, every personal injury claim has value, or worth. This number ranges from zero to infinity, but is always grounded in reality and limited to what is supported by evidence and our law.

Want to Know What Injury Compensation You Deserve?

What personal injury compensation adequately makes up for personal injury harms and losses is not an exact science. There really is no precise “value” or “worth” in any particular personal injury claim. There are ranges of what is considered full, fair, just, and appropriate based on several factors.

Generally, there will be a foundation on the value of the injury, harms, and losses. There are facts which adjust the amount of appropriate personal injury compensation up or down. Settlement may be a discount, a risk management tool for both sides, in which neither receives the best outcome they want, but compromise to minimize exposure.

The evidence, law, and a jury control everyone’s fate when personal injury compensation goes to trial. However, settling your injury eliminates unknowns and risk.

Factors Involved in Determining Injury Claim Compensation Value

No two cases or circumstances are identical. Accordingly, there is no exact amount applied to two claims. Here are some factors used to determine injury compensation value:

  • Tort. What caused the injury? Car accident, product liability, child abuse, premises liability, etc.
  • Negligence or Worse? How wrong, or how outrageous, was the conduct of the wrongdoer? Was there comparative fault on the part of the victim?
  • Injury. What is your personal injury? Spine injury is different from brain injury is different from bone fractures, and so on.
  • Losses. Are there any special damages, such as medical expenses and lost work income?
  • Who are You? Each injured person’s unique characteristics play a role in assessing injury compensation value.

These are the basics, but are the critical initial factors which exist in every injured person’s pursuit of fair injury compensation. Each category of personal injury, whether auto accidents or slip and fall or defective products or child injury, has its own set of factors. Each category, however, starts with the foundation questions identified here.

Expert Sarasota Injury Lawyer Pursues Top Injury Compensation

Good people often take the brunt of bad incidents. In Southwest Florida, experienced Sarasota injury lawyer David Harris is here to help you through your legal obstacles. David pursues top injury compensation you deserve.

Substance matters and so do you. At David Harris Law, you receive attention, respect, and stay involved in your case. We don’t play games and you never have to wonder who your lawyer is or whether he or she will ever call you back. Your injury compensation matters, and we strive to deliver for you.

At David Harris Law, David is your lawyer and is committed to fighting your Goliath. There is no fee unless we win money for you. Contact David for a free and confidential consultation.

best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney
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