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There’s so much talk about trials and juries and taking personal injury claims to trial. As your Sarasota injury lawyer, I go to court and have jury trial experience. And, most cases end with an injury settlement among parties.

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Notably, not every case gets better at trial or during litigation. Although, some claims have a more favorable presentation to juries.

Sometimes Injury Settlement of Your Claim is the Best Approach

Some clients want a trial to resolve a dispute. Moreover, if your claim warrants a jury trial and this is where justice is likely, then I’m all for it.

However, please know a personal injury claim often results in injury settlement. This is our reality.

Moreover, some clients prefer to avoid trial for several reasons. First, there is an emotional toll a trial exacts upon you and your family. Second, an insurance company or negligent business wants to avoid risks. In every trial, we all risk everything. So, instead of facing big risks or damaging publicity, many people and businesses like to pursue an injury settlement.

Your Circumstances Help Determine Whether Injury Settlement will Happen

Facts drive personal injury claims. The worse the facts are for the defense, then the more likely there will be a full and fair settlement of the claim. On the other hand, if the injury is small or the injured victim was also partly at fault, and yet that plaintiff is expecting millions, then injury settlement is unlikely and the trial results will probably be disappointing.

There are certainly injury claims in which trial is the only way to go. Many insurance companies routinely act in bad faith and refuse to pay valid claims.

In my experience, however, most injury clients and at fault parties would rather negotiate an injury settlement and avoid time and expense of a lawsuit. My clients want fair compensation for their injuries, pain and suffering, payment of medical bills and health liens, recovery of lost wages. The defendant, or at-fault party, wants to minimize risk and the insurance company or big corporation makes a business decision to resolve the claim. The circumstances of the claim is what pushes the matter toward, or away, from the injury settlement.

When injury settlement is achieved, then clients pay a lower attorney’s fee, costs are lower than after a trial, there is no appeal. Additionally, clients receive their compensation fairly quickly, their current and future needs may be met, and this can provide peace of mind.

Preparing Cases for Trial Often Leads to Your Injury Settlement

At David Harris Law, I prepare your cases for trial. Because, I want to increase our chances to secure your valuable injury settlement. By preparing your claim, I know your issues, needs, and how to overcome defenses. Moreover, through this preparation, I understand any weaknesses we face. But, also our strengths. Accordingly, I work toward balancing all these issues in your favor. Consequently, we often have a better chance at your injury settlement.

If you someone you love suffer seriously injuries, then contact me at David Harris Law. You receive personal attention and service at every step in our journey. Moreover, your questions get answers and your calls receive prompt responses. After all, I dedicate myself to empowering and improving your situation.

Get your free consultation right now. Simply use our easy contact form to start our discussion.

best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney
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