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Lawyer Sarasota injured persons call to fight for their rights serves Sarasota and Southwest Florida in major personal injury, wrongful death, and consumer justice claims. Need to learn more? Contact David Harris for a free and confidential consultation.

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Lawyer Sarasota Pursues Compensation for You

Personal injury, wrongful death, and consumer justice are generally tort claims. Torts are civil wrongs, and and are pursued in our local Southwest Florida civil courts. Primarily, our circuit courts in the 20th Judicial Circuit of Florida hear such claims presented by your lawyer Sarasota.

Not all claims are equal. Accordingly, just because you were hurt does not mean you automatically have a valid claim. Instead, you must typically prove your injuries were caused by negligence or careless conduct, or similar errors or misconduct, to qualify for compensation.

Compensation often depends on injury severity, medical bills, wage loss, and similar factors.

Lawyer Sarasota Addresses Injury Causation in Claims

Causation in personal injury and tort claims refers to cause and effect. Every tort claim requires this basic element. Accordingly, every injured person must demonstrate that a tortfeasor—careless person or company—caused actual damages.

Injuries must be real. Thus, “I was almost hurt” is not actual injury. Scary, yes, but actual harm? No. An exception applies if you suffer severe emotional distress and seek mental health services. Few people rarely take this step, so in many near-miss circumstances, no actual injury exists.

In sum, if you seek compensation, but did not suffer actual injury, then your lawyer Sarasota will remind you that legally you do not have a claim.

Injury Lawyer Sarasota Addresses New Injuries and Existing Conditions

Under Florida law, injuries fill categorizes like new or aggravating conditions. A new personal injury may be obvious. Accordingly, broken bones, head injury, spine damage, amputation, scarring, are often easy to prove. Your injury lawyer Sarasota uses your health background and medical records showing your injuries are new from your accident.

If you have conditions which exist before your accident injury—herniated disk, back injury, neck injury—then you must prove the accident injury made them worse. This can be difficult in some circumstances. If provable, then you may be eligible for compensation for your worse condition.

Notably, you may believe your existing conditions worsened by your accident. However, your belief must be verified by a doctor. Your injury lawyer Sarasota explains everything during your representation.

Injury Lawyer Sarasota and Southwest Florida Injured Persons Should Call First

Knowing where you stand in this confusing time is challenging. Accordingly, hire expert injury lawyer Sarasota David Harris. David pursues top compensation in Southwest Florida injury claims. He personally explains everything and answers your questions.

Your personal injury, wrongful death, or consumer justice compensation is important to helping you move forward. David gets it, and works from day one to put you at ease and move forward to justice.

best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney
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