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Medicare fraud is rife in our health care system. Moreover, Medicare loses billions every year to fraudulent claims. Accordingly, if you know large-scale improper practices exist in Southwest Florida, then contact my office. I work with you as a whistleblower to identify misconduct, relate this information to proper authorities, and pursue your share of money recoveries.

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Medicare Fraud Robs Us All

Medicare Fraud occurs when Medicare receives bills for services or supplies you never receive. Accordingly, medicare fraud robs taxpayers who pay for this government program. Moreover, this misconduct rips off beneficiaries who depend on Medicare as their primary health insurance.

In addition, fraudulent billing practices tend to thrive where large senior citizen populations exist. As we know, Southwest Florida has a huge elderly and Medicare beneficiary population. Accordingly, Medicare fraud flourishes here.

Misconduct occurs in many instances:

  • Health care provider bills Medicare for services you never receive
  • Medical equipment supplier bills Medicare for equipment you don’t get

Moreover, health care providers come in all shapes and sizes:

  • Doctors
  • Hospitals
  • Health Systems
  • Physician Practices
  • Pharmacies
  • Medical Equipment Suppliers

Accordingly, if you work for a health care provider and see Medicare fraud or similar billing or financial misconduct, then contact me to discuss your next steps forward. Your consultation is free and confidential.

By Fighting Medicare Fraud You May Receive Money

As we know, Medicare fraud results in higher health care costs for all. Moreover, it harms our medical system. Notably, eliminating fraud can decrease expenses for you, families, businesses, and our government. Accordingly, we all have a big interest in stopping these abuses.

You may come across Medicare fraud in several instances. Here are some examples:

  • Billing errors or schemes
  • Unnecessary Tests
  • Undergoing Unnecessary Procedures
  • Prescriptions for drugs you don’t need
  • Prescribing medical equipment you don’t need
  • Submitting False Medicare Claims

Accordingly, you have an important role as a whistleblower. Moreover, you have certain valuable rights and protections. Especially relevant, if your information leads to successful financial recovery by Medicare or U.S. government, you may be eligible for a significant financial recovery.

In fact, you may receive a large percentage our government recovers in this process. Often, in big cases these amounts range in the millions.

Let’s Work to Stop Medicare Fraud in Southwest Florida

You may be our front line in stopping Medicare fraud. Moreover, depending on your circumstances, your risk may result in a very large reward. There are several laws which give you financial incentives to report these fraudulent health care practices.

However, your Medicare Fraud information must be strong and timely for action. Accordingly, don’t delay.

As your Sarasota attorney, I serve our entire Southwest Florida area. Therefore, wherever you are locally, if you are considering your options as a whistleblower, then contact me.

Your consult is free and confidential. Moreover, if we move forward together, there are no upfront frees. Instead, we only recover money if we succeed with your claim.

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