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We all want to avoid a motor vehicle accident. Cars are generally our primary transportation means, especially for thousands throughout Southwest Florida. All sizes, all types, and for all purposes. Driving to work or school, driving kids to after-school activities, driving a company truck to make deliveries, or driving the business van to make service calls, are our daily chores.

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Motor Vehicle Accident Can Lead to Serious Injuries and Losses

We all interact with each other in our cars, trucks and vans several times a day, every day of the week. Consider that. All that traffic whizzing by each other. Moreover, all our respective lives and thoughts, our hopes and dreams whizzing in our minds during or drive time.

A parent driver thinking about taking that new job. A child in a back seat thinking about playing a new game at home. A company truck driver thinking about a pay raise. Or, a business driver thinking about starting his or her own business. Or, perhaps, an expectant mom driving and thinking about exciting days ahead.

All of these things going on independently yet interactively in our shared universe of community is quite remarkable. The system works until a motor vehicle accident stops it all.

A Motor Vehicle Accident Can Turn a Happy Day Into a Nightmare

As fun and happy as the daily driving routine may be for many of us, the sad reality is that a motor vehicle accident changes peoples’ lives. Right here in Southwest Florida—hundreds of times each week, and thousands of times each year—those moments are shattered in motor vehicle crashes.

It may turn out that the company van driver was looking at a map instead of you. Or, that parent driving children was texting. Perhaps the truck driver was dozing off at the wheel, and so on. Our shared universe on the road, it turns out, is very dangerous and deadly.

Why? Because drivers violate the rules of the road, the biggest of which is simply paying attention to the road and traffic. Your dreams should not be turned into nightmares by a careless driver.

When you are seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident because another driver is at fault, then financial relief may be available. Financial compensation will not solve all your problems, but can make sure that your bills are paid and provide the means to obtain medical care.

Sometimes Compensation is the Only Means to Restore Comfort After a Motor Vehicle Accident

Sarasota accident lawyer David Harris has been a trial attorney since 1995. In motor vehicle accident claims, David seeks full and fair compensation for his clients. Importantly, David actively engages his clients so they know what is going on in the case. Every client is valued, and none is ignored.

David Harris Law serves the seriously injured throughout Southwest Florida. Talk to David for free. Use our easy contact form or make the call.

best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney
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