sarasota car accident lawyersarasota car accident lawyer

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I have been a trial lawyer since 1995 and have worked with many motorcycle accident survivors and family members. I'm ready to work for you.

sarasota car accident lawyersarasota car accident lawyer

Recent Testimonials From Past Cases And Settlements

I'm greatful for being given the trust of my past accident and personal injury clients. If you have been in a motorcycle accident and would like to discuss your claim please contact me

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David Harris Law far exceeded my expectations when dealing with my case.

We chose to work with the DAVID HARRIS LAW FIRM as he never promised us "The Piece of Pie In The Sky."

He treated us with honesty loyalty and understanding. As a family member. Gave it all he could to help us reach closure in our particular case. We created a great friendship and found a professional consultant to look up to if needed.

car accident lawyer sarasota flcar accident lawyer sarasota fl
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H Taha
Personal Injury Client

Highly recommend to anyone who seeks an attorney with knowledge of the law, determination, and understanding!

David Harris was very accommodating, smart, and cared about me and my injuries. He took my calls right away whenever I had a question and always told me the truth! I highly recommend David to anyone who seeks an attorney with knowledge of the law, determination and understanding!

sarasota car crash lawyersarasota car crash lawyer
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R Waldenmayer
Car crash victim

David did an outstanding job representing me after my automobile accident.

David did an outstanding job representing me after my automobile accident. He thoroughly explained the entire process and kept me informed and up to date on the progress of my case. He was always 100% accessible and answered all of my calls, texts, and emails immediately. The settlement David got me was much more than I was expecting. I highly recommend David Harris for a personal injury claim.

sarasota crash lawyer fl sarasotasarasota crash lawyer fl sarasota
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Linda P
Automobile Accident Victim

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No Win No Fee

At David Harris Law, personal injury clients are represented on a no win no fee basis. Under this model, Sarasota lawyers fees are “contingent,” or conditional, upon a money recovery. If there is no money recovered for the client, then there is no attorney fee: no fee unless we win.

Watch Sarasota Florida Car Accident Lawyer Video

Watch Sarasota Florida Car Accident Lawyer Video

Sarasota Motorcycle Accident Attorney Quick Facts:

  1. Average Motorcycle Accident Settlements: While settlement amounts can vary widely based on factors like the severity of injuries and damages, as well as available liability insurance proceeds, the average motorcycle accident settlement can range from tens of thousands to millions. Keep in mind that a skilled Sarasota motorcycle accident attorney can help maximize your compensation.
  2. Post-Accident Steps in Sarasota: After a motorcycle accident in Sarasota, Florida, prioritize safety, call 911, gather evidence, exchange information, and seek medical attention. Don't forget to consult a local motorcycle accident lawyer to discuss your case.
  3. Key Abilities of a Top Motorcycle Accident Lawyer: Look for a Sarasota attorney with a proven track record, strong negotiation skills, experience in motorcycle accident cases, and excellent communication abilities to ensure the best possible representation for your case.
  4. Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents: Be aware that most motorcycle accidents are caused by driver negligence, such as speeding, distracted driving, and failure to yield. Understanding these factors can help you identify the responsible party in your accident.
  5. Handling a Totaled Motorcycle: If your motorcycle is totaled after an accident, document the damage, report the incident to your insurance company, and consult a knowledgeable Sarasota motorcycle accident attorney to assist with your insurance claim and protect your rights.

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