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Motorcycles are on every road among us in Sarasota Florida. Moreover, riders face big risks while drivers don’t. Consequently, this disparity often results in major wrecks. As your Motorcycle Attorney Sarasota bikers trust to pursue their rights and full compensation, I know we can all do better.

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Motorcycle Attorney Sarasota Addresses Wrecks

Serious motorcycle accidents occur in Sarasota Florida every week. Moreover, most crashes result in severe injuries. As a motorcycle attorney Sarasota with years experience, my clients suffer when drivers are careless.

It’s evident drivers aren’t sharing our roads with bikers. Negligent driving by motorists accounts for many of these dangerous motorcycle collisions. Because, drivers are not paying attention to traffic conditions and nearby motorcycles.

Accordingly, every biker should give himself or herself additional space. Undoubtedly, from my motorcycle attorney Sarasota experience, drivers simply don’t look for motorcycles. Moreover, Importantly, even when they do, drivers rarely make good judgments about a cyclist’s speed.

Motorcycle Attorney Sarasota Recommends Defensive Riding

Because there are so many needless crashes and injuries, bikers should take extra precautions. Although you should be able to ride safely and normally, you’re facing too many risks nowadays.

Accordingly, some tips are obvious. Moreover, just because I use my motorcycle attorney Sarasota experience to list items here, these are no substitute for common sense and good judgment. Here are some defensive riding tips for motorcyclists:

  • make sure your headlight works
  • use reflective strips or decals on your clothing
  • use additional reflectors on your motorcycle
  • flash your brake light when you are slowing down
  • wear a quality helmet with eye protection
  • use protective clothes

  • constantly scan for changing traffic conditions
  • give yourself extra space
  • ride in lanes where you are most visible
  • watch for turning vehicles
  • activate turn signals
  • never weave in between lanes

As your motorcycle attorney Sarasota, trust me on this: you cannot rely on motorists driving safely. They don’t.

Motorcycle Attorney Sarasota Pursues Justice for You in Sarasota Florida

Look, as your motorcycle attorney Sarasota, I know even our safest bikers are victims of bad drivers. Moreover, when you’re suffering, everything is more confusing stressful. Accordingly, both you and your loved ones endure genuine hardships.

I serve you throughout Sarasota FloridaSarasota, North Port, Englewood, Venice, Sarasota, Sarasota Beach, Nokomis—in court and in negotiating rooms. With many years experience serving as a motorcycle attorney Sarasota, I fight to win. I know you need money now for your big medical bills, lost income, and financial security. And, I want to provide you those resources as quickly as possible.

Because I’m hands-on, we always stay in touch. We’ll go through this together as we fight for your better future.

Accordingly, contact me now. Your consult is free and personal. Moreover, you don’t pay me unless we win.

best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney
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