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Many people do not bother hiring a Sarasota lawyer because they do not believe that they can afford them. At David Harris Law, you don’t have to worry about paying any money up-front. This law office works on a contingent fee basis, which means no win no fee. In other words, if we don’t win your case through settlement or trial, then you do not have to pay a fee.

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Sarasota Lawyers Use No Win No Fee for Personal Injury Claims

At David Harris Law, personal injury clients are represented on a no win no fee basis. Under this model, Sarasota lawyers fees are “contingent,” or conditional, upon a money recovery. If there is no money recovered for the client, then there is no attorney fee: no fee unless we win.

If money is obtained to compensate you, then Sarasota lawyer fees are simply a percentage of any money recovered. A contingency fee enables clients who have limited resources to retain top legal talent. Accordingly, you are paying nothing up front. Instead, you pay only when your case settles or judgment is entered on a verdict. Indeed, Sarasota lawyers share your risk.

Sarasota Lawyers Level Your Playing Field With “No Win No Fee”

A no win no fee can effectively level your playing field. Individuals having limited means can fight large companies and insurance carriers having unlimited resources to pay attorneys. Accordingly, through a no win no fee contingent fee agreement, you have access to top Sarasota lawyers.

Before contingent fees were permitted, every client, regardless of financial resources, had to pay their lawyer for representation. These fees were paid regardless if you won or lost. This pay-as-you-go model was fine for the wealthy and large corporations and insurance companies, and is still in use today for the rich and powerful. But since your Sarasota lawyers share your risk, you can now fight for your rights without going broke.

David Harris Law Sarasota Lawyers Use No Win No Fee Fairly

At David Harris Law Firm, seeking maximum compensation for your injuries under your circumstances is what we do. Unlike most other firms which use the contingent fee model, we don’t take a fee which is higher than your total compensation. This is no win no fee at its best.

Sometimes this means that we adjust our no win no fee at the end of the case to ensure that you received the most money. You are the client. Experienced attorney David Harris and Sarasota lawyers are your advocates. Since we are grateful you have chosen us, we make sure that when we win your case you walk away with the most money compensation as possible.

best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney
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