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Tragic mishaps often involve people walking on sidewalks, in parking lots, and crossing streets in Southwest Florida. As your local Sarasota pedestrian accident attorney, I sort through evidence and pursue justice for victims.

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Pedestrian Accident Attorney Fights for Your Rights

Throughout Sarasota, Florida, people walk for leisure, health, and basic commuting purposes. Our Southwest Florida region provides ideal weather conditions and scenery which makes walking optimal year round. Moreover, every morning, afternoon, and evening, people are seen enjoying their walking and jogging experience.

Accordingly, you have every right to walk on sidewalks and assorted pedestrian zones. Moreover, you should rightly expect you’re safe in doing so. However, there are many occasions when motor vehicles, bikes, and motorcycles violate your rights and cause big injuries.

As your pedestrian accident attorney, I stand up for your rights and compensation when you are harmed by motorists and others.

Pedestrian Accident Attorney Moves Quickly

Following a tragic incidents involving pedestrians struck by motor vehicles, saving life and limb are paramount. Emergency medical services, trauma care, and long-term health care are often required to restore your health. Moreover, these medical services carry big costs. Consequently, you struggle both physically and financially. As a Sarasota pedestrian accident attorney, I’m here for you. I’m ready to pursue your compensation needs and help you move forward.

Therefore, while you struggle to recover from your harms and losses, life goes on. Accordingly, bills keep rolling in, you miss work and family time, and your savings are drained. As an experienced pedestrian accident attorney, I know daily routines don’t stop. Consequently, I know how important quickly resolving your case is to you.

I move fast on your case because I know you need financial relief now.

Pursing Top Compensation with Your Pedestrian Accident Attorney

My role as your pedestrian accident attorney is pursuing money—compensation—to make up for your severe harms and losses.

  • Hospital bills
  • Doctor bills
  • Future medical needs
  • Lost work
  • Pain and suffering

While money may be available, you have to obtain it. This is not easy.

Rather, auto insurance companies often blame victims. Accordingly, compensation is not simply given away. As your Sarasota pedestrian accident attorney, my job is making them pay.

Pedestrian Accident Attorney Serving Southwest Florida

Do not walk alone. From my experience, I know your harms are enormous and painful. Moreover, I know your financial losses overwhelm you.

Compensation you need is big and insurance companies resist. Contact me as your pedestrian accident attorney, and I’ll personally fight for you financial needs.

I value every client. And, I personally work with you. After all, knowing your hardships, challenges, and needs are critical. Moreover, in our representation, I answer your questions, meet you in person, talk by phone, and respond to your texts and emails. There is no substitute for a personal and direct attorney client relationship.

You risk nothing by talking to me. If I take your case, you owe nothing up front. Instead, there is no fee unless money is recovered for you.

Let’s start our discussion right now. Your initial consultation is free, confidential, and thorough.

best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney
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