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Pedestrian accident lawyers will tell you that these collisions are avoidable. In some instances, the driver is at fault. In others, the pedestrian is responsible. In every incident, however, one person could have avoided the impact.

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Pedestrian Accident Lawyers Recognize Increase in Incidents

Pedestrian injuries are now a routine tragedy in Southwest Florida. Approximately 8,000 pedestrian crashes occur every year throughout Florida and roughly a dozen times per week in our region of Sarasota, Charlotte County, Collier County. Newspapers have taken note of the rise in these tragic events.

Crashes involving pedestrians are avoidable. Every driver of every vehicle has the legal obligation to look out for pedestrians. Pedestrians have a duty to walk at available crosswalks if available and cannot dash out into the road. When a pedestrian is crossing the road outside of a crosswalk, then the driver must is still required to pay attention and actively look for such dangers. Taking evasive action is critical.

Sometimes, even the most vigilant walker will suffer grave harm by a distracted driver. Pedestrian accident lawyers represent the injured, and fight for their rights.

Pedestrian Accident Lawyers Recommend Precautions to Avoid Injury

The best way to avoid the need for pedestrian accident lawyers is to take steps to avoid injury altogether. Whether a pedestrian crash can be avoided often depends on several factors:

  • visibility
  • weather
  • time of day or night
  • speed limit or average speed on the road
  • blind spots or visual obstructions
  • intersections with or without crosswalks

There is a special rule dealing with children as well as those adults who are visibly confused or incapacitated. Upon seeing such a person near the roadway, the driver should slow down adequately— even below the speed limit—to avoid striking the person. Such moves by the driver in advance of a situation can mean the difference between life and death to the pedestrian.

Legal Claims Advanced by Pedestrian Accident Lawyers are Often Complex

Pedestrian injury claims are often complex and become a battle of who did what and when. Representing the injured, pedestrian accident lawyers seek full and fair compensation on behalf of victims.

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