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Southwest Florida provides numerous opportunities to walk and enjoy our lifestyle. But, there are careless motorists who endanger pedestrians. When a collision occurs, catastrophic pedestrian injury follows.

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Pedestrian Injury is Common and Tragic in Southwest Florida

Unfortunately, pedestrians face big risks along our roads shared by motor vehicles. Consequently, people are no match for motor vehicle weight, speed, and force. Pedestrians lose every time vehicles strike them. Moreover, pedestrian injury often causes permanent harms and losses.

In fact, we read about vehicle-pedestrian collisions almost weekly in our local news.

Accordingly, in most circumstances, a pedestrian is killed. However, many people survive. But, severe injuries dominate their lives. As your pedestrian injury lawyer, I know it’s critical to start helping you as soon as possible.

Pedestrian Injury Attorney Describes Danger Zones

Children walking to school. Seniors walking their community. Owners walking their dogs. Employees walking to work. Pedestrians come from every age and background, and walk with purpose. Accordingly, every walker has a purpose or goal when out and about. None ever seeks a pedestrian injury.

Moreover, every major community in Sarasota has major roads with sidewalks and crosswalks. Of course, pedestrians are common. Furthermore, vehicle traffic is also heavy in these areas. Accordingly, this mixed foot and vehicle traffic is a recipe for danger.

At intersections, drivers in a right turn lane often start their turn before visually clearing pedestrians. Moreover, this is among our most common crosswalk collisions. In such instances, a driver must yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk. But, as we know from experience, often fails to look out for walkers before turning.

Similarly, parking lots at malls, supermarkets, and attractions create daily vehicle-pedestrian interactions. To avoid collision, pedestrians and drivers focus their whole attention on each other. Knowing what I know as your pedestrian injury attorney, just being alert can prevent most incidents.

Moreover, remember Florida law requires drivers and pedestrians use reasonable care. Drivers must yield to pedestrians, and pedestrians must use crosswalks where available.

Pedestrian Injury Lawyer Fights Your Rights and Compensation

There are too many pedestrian injury tragedies in our region. I know these incidents damage or destroy lives and families. I’m here to help. And, I want to get you and your family back on track.

Contact me now. I serve all Southwest Florida communities, and provide a personal, dedicated experience to every client. Moreover, I answer all your questions and stay available to you from day one until we’re done.

I care about your challenges and needs. Furthermore, I want to empower you with financial security you deserve so you can achieve your goals and purpose.

Our initial consultation is completely free and confidential. You have nothing to lose. Contact me today.

best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney
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