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When you consult and retain me as your personal injury attorney Sarasota and Southwest Florida residents can trust to fight for the best results, there is no business as usual.

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Your injury or wrongful death claim is deeply personal, and I know your stakes. From day one, you personally work with me, experienced personal injury attorney Sarasota David Harris. I listen to you and get to know you. Importantly, I work on knowing your needs, your hopes, and answers you seek.

Fighting for You, Your Personal Injury Attorney Sarasota Earns Your Trust

At all times, you are invited to call me with questions you have, provide your input, talk about your experiences and goals, and stay informed about your claim. As your personal injury attorney Sarasota and Southwest Florida clients trust, I provide transparency.

Accordingly, you are never disregarded or taken for granted. Consequently, you are never ignored. You are not left to wonder or guess what is happening, as your phone calls are answered and status updates provided. It’s just how we roll. I hope every personal injury attorney Sarasota follows this standard.

Open communication is critical, because our stakes are so high. Accordingly, no games and no guesswork are allowed. As my client, you know immediately your personal injury attorney Sarasota and Southwest Florida injured persons count on, is on your side and responsive to you. This is how lawyering should be.

Personal Injury Attorney Sarasota and Southwest Florida Injury Victims Trust for Big Cases

I represent clients in many personal injury claims, from serious to catastrophic and death. Your injury—whether it is totally disabling or not—affects you in so many ways. As a human and personal injury attorney Sarasota, I get it.

Below are major and catastrophic injuries I have experience in pursuing for victims. This list is not exhaustive, as some claims have unusual or specific circumstances. Moreover, you may personally classify your injury as something else.

  • Fractures: While broken bones caused by trauma often heal, they present long-term problems for many victims. Orthopedic surgery and metal hardware often lead to additional surgeries to fix, replace, or replace implants such as rods, plates, and screws.
  • Spine Injury: Traumatic spinal cord injury can leave survivors trapped in their bodies, although a fully functional mind exists. Spinal damage is devastating and commonly requires intensive therapy, rehab, and 24-hour care for basic needs.
  • Brain Injury: Brain damage caused by trauma is a catastrophic injury. Consequently, a survivor often experiences profound changes which limit daily life. Surgery, therapy, rehabilitation, and long-term care your painful realities.
  • Disfigurement | Scarring: Caused by trauma or burns, disfigurement destroys appearance, self-confidence, and causes great emotional distress. Deep scars or disfiguring injuries requiring plastic surgery are painful and often life-changing events.

Personal Injury Attorney Sarasota and Sarasota Injury Victims Trust for Huge Damages

Although less common, there are some losses so evident they are self-explanatory. I proudly help catastrophic injury victims and their families.

  • Burn Injury: Burn injuries are extremely painful, often requiring specialized care in hospital burn units, skin grafts, and reconstructive surgery. Burn survivors often develop respiratory distress and infections requiring additional hospitalizations.
  • Amputation: Amputation results directly by trauma, or follow a severe crush injury. Amputation injury dramatically affects your future. Consequently, adjusting to these big body changes are very difficult. Accordingly, many follow-up surgeries are necessary.
  • Wrongful Death: Death’s finality is what makes this human loss so huge for family. There is literally no way to replace such love and unique spirit in our lives. Accordingly, faith is critical to working through deep pain and anguish.

Contact Personal Injury Attorney Sarasota and Southwest Florida Injured Persons Can Trust to Fight

Let’s discuss your circumstances. As your experienced and driven personal injury attorney Sarasota and Southwest Florida injured persons can count on, I’m here to help.

Your personal injury attorney Sarasota consultation is free and confidential. Moreover, if I take your case, I pursue maximum compensation and full justice. Finally, I provide you honest answers and spirit you need moving forward. Contact me now, and we’ll discuss your circumstances and needs.

best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney
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