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best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney

Sarasota personal injury attorneys seek to perform their best for clients. This means putting in time and effort to know each client. Moreover, this means being available by phone or text, and also actively working with each client toward optimal results.

Personal Injury Attorneys Who Fight Your Goliath

Every personal injury client faces some type of hurdle to overcome. Such an obstacles can often be a Goliath to challenge, face down, and conquer.

The reality is that a plaintiff—person making a claim—is usually an underdog in every claim. Typically, a defendant is backed by a large insurance company. Moreover, insurance companies rarely play nicely. Importantly, your personal injury attorneys are ready and able to fight these big interests for you.

Personal Injury Attorneys Must Defeat Liability Challenges

Behind every valid claim pursued by David Harris Law personal injury attorneys, there is a good person was severely harmed by wrongdoing. This does not mean holding a negligent person or business accountable is easy. Rather, every claim comes down to circumstances: specific facts and applicable law.

Sometimes, no matter how right or justified you may be, an incident may raise factual questions as to whether the injured person is 100% in the right. If a factual issue exists about who is wholly or partly responsible, then rest assured a law does with it.

In questions about who is right and who is wrong, a jury is often permitted to split liability findings. Consequently, this affects how much compensation you might receive. For example, if a jury believes a plaintiff and defendant are equally responsible, or 50-50, then a verdict is reduced by 50%.

Personal Injury Attorneys Fight Your Legal Challenges

Some Florida laws are simply not favorable to plaintiffs. These anti-consumer laws come from business and insurance company interests using a Legislature. Accordingly, for example, there are damages caps on some types of claims.

There are also laws favoring insurance companies and penalize personal injury victims. There are corporate immunity laws littering our legal landscape. Consequently, these laws put you at a disadvantage.

In each case, your personal injury attorneys have to navigate your case around these legal hazards. This often requires challenging legal footwork. However, experience can make a big difference.

Personal Injury Attorneys Deal with Evidence

Sometimes, evidence damages your claim. Photos and video may show your favorable your story, whereas an unfavorable witness contradicts your position. Similarly, there may be medical records which, or doctors who, simply do not reflect in as strong terms the depth and extent of the injuries you have suffered.

Not all evidence is equal. Very rarely witnesses, photos, video, and records or documents consistent. Rather, conflict among them all is often reality in injury claims. Your personal injury attorneys deal with these issues.

Personal Injury Attorneys Prove Your Harms and Losses

Some injuries, such as spinal cord damage, brain injury, disfigurement, and fractured bones, are self-explanatory. However, detailing a catastrophic injury’s comprehensive effects on your life now and future requires a strong understanding of these harms and their impacts.

Moreover, there are conditions which are not as evident. Examples include disk herniation, torn knee ligament, or mild traumatic brain injury. These harms are often not obvious and often harder for juries to understand. Indeed, insurance companies show hostility to such valid and serious claims.

Your personal injury attorneys should have a working knowledge of your harms. Moreover, they should be able to confidently convey these injury consequences to an insurance company or jury.

Your Personal Injury Attorneys: Your David to Fight Your Goliath®

Some claims don’t survive. Some fall to obstacles they face. Knowing where you stand and having experienced personal injury attorneys work for you is often critical to effectively fight your larger battle.

At David Harris Law, you receive David’s personal services and counsel. Experienced in courtrooms and negotiating tables, David is who you want fighting your Goliath.

David represents personal injury victims and wrongful death families in Southwest FloridaSarasota, Collier County, Charlotte County, Hendry County—and nearby communities.

Contact David today for your free, personal discussion. Talk about your circumstances, and ask David for help.

best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney
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