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When you hire Sarasota personal injury lawyer David Harris, he pursues personal injury compensation for you. Money payable for a loss is known as compensation. Moreover, to compensate for injury means to make up for your harms and losses.

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Money Damages Are Personal Injury Compensation

There are many damages categories in personal injury claims. Moreover, injury compensation your biggest component. Compensatory damages should make a person “whole again.” In other words, we use money to restore you to your position before you suffer harms and losses.

Now, we all know money cannot bring back your health or happiness. However, personal injury compensation may provide you comfort and financial stability. Especially relevant, having this economic security helps you secure health care you need.

While personal injury compensation is a poor substitute for your health, it is our justice originally dispensed in The Bible. Accordingly, making up for your harms and losses our tort system’s foundation. Moreover, this remedy is simply among several ways we attempt to alleviate consequences from wrongful conduct.

Personal Injury Compensation Includes Economic Loss

Special damages are personal injury compensation based upon financial losses. Accordingly, there is a specific amount we can prove with evidence. Moreover, these damages include all losses and future needs.

  • Medical expenses: A plaintiff must show bills and expenses for medical treatment relate to injuries resulting from negligent behavior in question.
  • Lost wages: Time lost from work means you’re losing money you would otherwise earn. Accordingly, we calculate income loss from injury until you’re back to work. If you cannot work again, then we assess how much you would earn but for your harms.

As you can see, we apply personal injury compensation for financial losses upon provable facts. However, evaluating value is more difficult in general damages.

Personal Injury Compensation for Non-Economic Harms and Losses

In major claims, personal injury compensation we pursue for non-financial losses are general damages. Accordingly, there is no specific dollar value. Instead, whether at trial or during our settlement negotiations, we seek to persuade on your story. Therefore, we use your hardships to establish value for what are going through into your future.

  • Pain and suffering: When determining a monetary value, we look at past and future physical pain you experience. Especially relevant, a jury may consider how long and severe you experience suffering.
  • Disfigurement: Major scars or disfiguring injuries affecting your appearance also have value. Moreover, people understand looking different can cause a damaging social toll on you.
  • Loss of enjoyment of life: As you go through your hardships, you experience diminishing ability to enjoy everyday life pleasures. This is another component of pain and suffering.

As you see here, we cannot calculate your personal injury compensation for general damages with simple math. Rather, these damages must touch juries in their hearts.

Lawyer Pursues for Your Personal Injury Compensation in Southwest Florida

Expert Sarasota personal injury lawyer David Harris pursues maximum personal injury compensation for you. So, when your injuries result from wrongdoing, get David. He passionately fights for your current and future needs.

And, David does this while keeping you part of your claim. So, when you need information, David responds quickly and earnestly with answers. He is your lawyer, and treats you with dignity, respect and courtesy.

Moreover, David knows your battles and struggles—he has decades experience in personal injury compensation claims—and wants your future to be brighter. Therefore, you don’t owe anything unless we win. Furthermore, your consultation is completely free.

Regardless how you got here, now is your time to move forward. In Southwest FloridaSarasota, Collier County, Charlotte County, Hendry County, DeSoto County, Sarasota County—get David now.

best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney
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