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Understandably, when you’re wronged, you need to know your legal options. In this context, many people discuss filing a personal injury lawsuit. In Sarasota Florida, where my practice is based, I get asked about claims and lawsuits every working day. I represent people from throughout Southwest Florida, including Sarasota, North Port, Englewood, Venice, Sarasota, Sarasota Beach, Nokomis, and nearby communities.

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Because I’m a trial lawyer and Sarasota personal injury attorney, I know injury claims and lawsuits inside and out. Moreover, this has come up thousands of times in my lawyer experience since 1995.

Whether Your Personal Injury Lawsuit is Wise Depends on Your Circumstances

We know you may already be in the personal injury lawsuit zone. This is fine, if your claim has merit. However, not all claims are worthy. In fact, many people consider filing claims before talking their circumstances through with counsel.

You see, any personal injury lawyer having decades experience files a personal injury lawsuit when a claim is strong. In reality, however, anyone can file a personal injury lawsuit. The real question is, should you?

For example, filing a personal injury lawsuit makes sense when you can prove your injury results from wrongdoing. For example, negligence, recklessness, or intentional misconduct. Accordingly, negligence—careless conduct—is a common basis for filing a personal injury lawsuit for compensation.

You Must Prove Your Claim in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

As ta plaintiff—the “I want to sue” party—you have the burden of proof. Accordingly, you must show, some person or company wrongly causes your injuries or damages.

Because a personal injury lawsuit is a civil case, your proof burden is greater weight of the evidence. Moreover, this is not a very challenging standard. Rather, this means “more likely than not” or “probably.” However, this doesn’t mean success is easy. Instead, proving your claim and winning your personal injury lawsuit is often a battle under Florida law.

Nevertheless, ask your yourself: are my damages (injuries) probably resulting from defendant’s negligent conduct? Because, if you can prove this, then you may be heading toward success.

To recovery money compensation, every injury claim in Florida requires you meet this evidence burden. If you cannot do so, then your claim won’t succeed.

Deciding Whether a Personal Injury Lawsuit is Right for You

If you believe you can prove your claims, then you may have an excellent case for compensation. Contact me as your Sarasota injury lawyer to evaluate your situation. My experience is decades-old, so I know what I know in these matters.

Moreover, I’m all about clients. Therefore, every client—including you—knows me personally and can reach me when you need me. In addition, all your questions receive answers, and your opinions matter to me.

While settlements require compromise, your final resolution must be fair and favorable. Usually, your case circumstances pave this path. Accordingly, I fight for every compensation dollar your claim is worth. So, if we win, have financial security you need.

Contact me to personally discuss—for free and no obligation—your circumstances. Together, we’ll talk abut your rights and compensation. Use my easy contact form to start right now.

best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney
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