Personal Injury Settlement

Like you, I am a consumer. So, when I see all of these lawyer ads talking about “trials” and “trying your case,” I wonder, do they know what clients want? Lawyers with decades experience also focus on personal injury settlement, too. Because, this is what most clients want.

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Personal Injury Settlement is Often a Goal, But You Have to Understand Personal Injury Lawyers and Trial Lawyers

First, you have to understand not every personal injury lawyer is a trial lawyer. Moreover, not every trial lawyer is a personal injury lawyer. I know, this sounds confusing, but follow me here.

Some lawyers have experience before, and don’t. In addition, some lawyers with experience are excellent, while others are simply not too good. Regardless, good lawyers with experience view a personal injury settlement as a real opportunity to benefit you.

Similarly, simply having tried a case before a jury does not transform an attorney into some superhero. Rather, some lawyers are good at telling stories about loss and hope. Moreover, some connect with people and others don’t. A personal injury settlement erases this difference.

A Good Story Drives a Good Personal Injury Settlement

Great trial lawyers lose cases at trial. Accordingly, an old saying—which I believe is true—is if a lawyer boasts about never losing a case, then he or she probably has not tried enough cases. Accordingly, we win some, and we lose some. And, being honest about this serves you well. Because, a lawyer having experience may help you know when a personal injury settlement is your best bet,

What drives a trial or a personal injury settlement? You and your circumstances. Because actual facts—your true story about what happened—provides compelling drama. Consequently, couple your situation and your personal story, and you develop a great story. From my experience, a god story is critically important.

Moreover, framing your story and making sure critical details hit their mark, are also important. Consequently, told effectively, we emphasis good facts and diminish less-important side issues. In other words, unfavorable circumstances and law, more often than not, yield unfavorable results. Furthermore, this holds true regardless of how excellent or learned an advocate may be.

However, again, personal injury settlement eliminates your risks.

Trial Lawyer Who Focuses on Personal Injury Settlement

I am proud to be a seasoned trial lawyer, which I have been since 1995. Moreover, virtually my entire career has been devoted to major personal injury cases. Over time, I’ll admit I’ve become wiser and more mature in my approach. And, I believe this benefits you when pursuing your personal injury settlement.

Especially relevant, I’m confident I have a better connection now with judges and juries than ever before. Why? Because, through winning and losing, I’ve become more attuned to connecting with people. Moreover, I have a keener sense now on what works and what fails when telling client stories. I use this knowledge in every personal injury settlement I seek.

This time and experience has improved my efforts for you. Accordingly, when I pursue a personal injury settlement, I’m connecting with other lawyers and insurance adjusters, just as I would approach a jury. I’m more comfortable now after decades doing this, then my more younger years. So, I believe my delivery and passion are stronger and more convincing than ever.

And, this is critical. Because, insurance companies and big corporations are billion dollar organizations. Consequently, they don’t care how big your office is or how many lawyers work there. Instead, they focus on your story of injury, hardship, and loss. Moreover, they like hopeful stories as much as anyone.

Pursuing Your Personal Injury Settlement in Southwest Florida

I’m honored you are considering me as your lawyer. I believe in my experience, confidence, and passion to deliver you results. While I cannot guarantee any particular result—no lawyer is allowed to do this—I can promise to work hard toward achieving your goals, whether through a personal injury settlement or trial.

Accordingly, if we can secure maximum compensation through a personal injury settlement, then I’m happy to help you secure this justice. I’m based in Sarasota and serve injury victims throughout Southwest Florida, telling your powerful stories with a purpose of winning.

Moreover, I do this personally. So, when you hire me—and you owe me nothing unless we win—you get me. Accordingly, when you call or have questions, I respond and answer them promptly and honestly. This is how I roll.

Contact me now. Your consultation is completely free and personal.

best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney
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