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Along with the seasonal snowbirds and tourists throughout Sarasota during the months of October through April, we see a large increase in the number of recreational vehicles (RVs) on our roads. Thousands of RVs descend upon Sarasota throughout season, and RVs are seen parked at private homes, campgrounds, RV parks, and mobile home parks throughout Sarasota.

Motor home RVs come in all shapes and sizes:• Class A Motor Home: Bus-sized RV with living accommodations• Class B Motor Home: Van-sized RV with some living amenities• Class C Motor Home: Mini Motor home which is larger van-sized RV on a truck chassis• Fifth Wheel: RV hitched onto large van or pick-up truckWhile all of these types of RVs are common on our Southwest Florida roads, the Class A motor home is among the most common. The basic rules of the road which apply to drivers of passenger vehicles also apply to RV drivers. This is because in Florida, most RVers do not need a commercial driver’s license (CDL) to operate a motor home.A Florida CDL is required in Florida for any driver operating a tractor/trailer with a declared weight of 26,001 LBS or more. This does not include many RVs, although Florida does require a Class B CDL for operation of any vehicle exceeding 13 tons. This CDL requirement does apply to some of the larger bus-sized RVs.The larger, Class A RVs may not have their own zip code, but their presence on the road rivals large trucks. These recreational vehicles have high height profiles, and often have some sway RV of the passenger compartment and living quarters when traveling at high speeds. When pulling a trailer or towing a vehicle, the RV has the equivalent length of an 18 wheeler truck. Additionally, RVs have longer stopping times, meaning that evasive action can be very difficult.A Sarasota motor home crash can, of course, be a very heavy impact accident in which the RV plows through cars, light trucks, and SUVs. Causes of these accidents range from driver distraction, driver negligence, RV defects or malfunctioning equipment, or inexperienced RV driver who is operating more vehicle than he or she is capable of driving safely. Similar in size and force to large commercial trucks, Sarasota motor home accidents often cause the same amount of damage and personal injury.Critical injuries resulting from a Sarasota motor home accident can change lives. When the crash was caused by a negligent RV driver or defective motor home components, then contact me, accident lawyer Sarasota David Harris. As your attorney, I seek full compensation from the responsible parties and insurance companies. You stay involved and a part of your vehicle injury claim at all times and are treated with the respect and courtesy you deserve. Contact me today at 888-927-1439 to schedule your free consultation.TITLE: Motor Home RV Accidents in Sarasota Are Just Like Truck Accidents

META: Accident lawyer Sarasota discusses RV crashes and motor home accidents in Sarasota, how the force involved is just like a truck accident causes big injuriesRVs are Commercial Vehicles by WeightRVs are considered commercial vehicles they have gross vehicle weight rating greater than 10,000 pounds, even though the vehicles are for personal use. RVs are large trucks, even though their designs can make them appear sleek and less harmful than tractor trailers or big rigs. Drivers and enthusiasts for the RV lifestyle are known as “RVers.”Many RVs are operated by drivers who have very little experience driving such a large and powerful vehicle. While the RV industry does offer some basic training for RVers, too many drivers do not follow through with the instruction. The lack of experience can, unfortunately, lead to very big RV-car accidents in Sarasota and throughout Southwest Florida, in which the larger RV crushes the smaller car, SUV, or light truck.RVs Can Be Difficult to DriveRVs driven at a high speed, for example, do have sway because of the large profile and wind shear. A driver has to maintain control and stability over these heavy physical forces, and doing so is often not easy. An RV driver must remain focused on speed, traffic conditions, road conditions, and adjust for the weight and speed of the commercial vehicle. If the RV operator is towing a trailer or car, which is fairly common, then the driver must accommodate for the sway of the trailer or towed vehicle.Because of RVs are so large, and present special dangers in any Sarasota RV accident, drivers must take extra steps to drive carefully, at the appropriate speed, and avoid distractions. An RV wins a crash with a smaller vehicle every time, and the results can be devastating.Accident Lawyer Sarasota Represents the Seriously Injured in Sarasota RV AccidentsIf you or someone you love has suffered personal injury in a Sarasota RV accident due to the negligence of an RVer or RV operator, then contact me, accident lawyer Sarasota David Harris, at the David Harris Law Firm. Honest, experienced, and driven, I pursue the negligent and careless and their insurance companies to obtain the full and fair compensation you need to rebuild your life. Contact my office today at 888-927-1439 to schedule your free consultation.TITLE: Injured in an RV Accident in Sarasota? Accident Lawyer May Help

META: Accident lawyer Sarasota explains dangers of RV accident in Sarasota. RVs are commercial vehicles and inexperienced drivers or RVers can cause big crashes

HEADLINE: Accident lawyer Sarasota pursues compensation from RVers and RV drivers who negligently cause accidents in Sarasota resulting in severe injuries

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