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Sarasota accident lawyers pursue compensation for you in all crash types throughout Southwest Florida. Don’t waste time waiting for some assistant to call you back. Start now with a lawyer who personally fights for you.

best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney

Sarasota Accident Lawyers Know Local Crashes

Vehicle accidents on our local roads consist primarily of passenger cars, contractor vans, and small and medium business vehicles. Notably, business vehicles are often as common as passenger traffic on our Southwest Florida streets, roads and highways.

For example, common local accidents include the following:

  • delivery truck carrying furniture
  • mover truck
  • landscaping company truck and tow trailer
  • air conditioning repair business van
  • dry cleaners van
  • pool maintenance companies
  • company car

  • construction company truck
  • pest control company van
  • delivery cargo van
  • beer delivery truck
  • cable TV van
  • box truck

Moreover, most commercial vans and light trucks are cargo vehicles. Accordingly, they weigh more, have a longer wheel base, and are wider than cars and minivans. Consequently, when a company truck crashes into a passenger car or motorcycle, then injuries are often catastrophic. There is simply more force, also known as inertia, behind these commercial vehicles causing more damage.

When your are hurt in Southwest Florida, then contact Sarasota accident lawyers for prompt help.

Sarasota Accident Lawyers Identify Crash Causes

As experienced Sarasota accident lawyers tell you, there are are several reasons for local vehicle collisions in our region. For example, many company vehicle drivers don’t have any training on handling these larger and heavier vans and trucks. Moreover, they drive them using a standard drivers license.

Furthermore, driving a cargo van can be challenging. For example, when changing lanes or making turns, these vans are equipped with side mirrors and their rear view is a blind spot.

Finally, because business vans and trucks are heavier and more powerful than passenger vehicles, they have longer stopping times. Consequently, drivers must apply brakes sooner than passenger cars.

In any serious crash involving injuries, contact your Sarasota accident lawyers right away.

Seeking Justice for You, Sarasota Accident Lawyers Put You First

Sarasota accident lawyers know all drivers must act responsibly. But, they don’t. Moreover, every business using company vehicles on our roads must make safety priority one. However, they don’t.

Accordingly, Sarasota accident lawyers often must pursue compensation from companies violating basic traffic laws. Companies must maintain their vans and trucks in safe condition, ensure they’re safely loaded, and require employees follow the rules of the road. Sarasota accident lawyers correctly point out no responsible business takes risks with its employees and safety.

If you are injured in a crash with a car or company vehicle, then contact experienced Sarasota accident lawyers. Choose David, and you get experience, honesty, and drive. Moreover, you get a top lawyer who knows our area, people, and courts.

David pursues top compensation so you can pay your bills, restore some measure of comfort, and provide peace of mind for your future.

Contact David today for a free discussion. Use our online form or call to learn about your options and justice.

best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney
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