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best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney

Sarasota Beach in Sarasota, Florida is a popular destination for snowbirds, part-time residents, year-round residents, spring breakers, tourists, and people on vacation. Throughout the year, this is a busy locale, and a Sarasota Beach accident is common.

Use Extra Caution to Avoid Sarasota Beach Accident

During the peak seasonal months—typically lasting from October through April—the volume of vehicles and pedestrian traffic increase by thousands. This large number of people swells well above the typical off-season population of Sarasota Beach of 6,500 residents. More Sarasota Beach accident events occur as a result.

Throughout the year, pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcycles, motor scooters, and passenger car traffic are abundant on Sarasota’s narrow roads. The regular planned events and festivals add to the volume of vehicles and people. The welcoming atmosphere, parties, and consumption of alcohol create a fragile environment for safety.

While traffic collisions occur year-round, an increase in car accidents and crashes between vehicles and pedestrians often correspond to winter months. Tragic death and severe injury—bone fracture, head injury, spinal cord injury, brain damage—are preventable. These events happen because which happen because drivers and riders operate motor vehicles without reasonable care. Everyone has the obligation to use caution and act with due care for safety. A Sarasota Beach accident occurs when distractions are so easy to come by.

Drunk driving, distracted driving, aggressive driving, and careless driving place good people at risk. A major Sarasota Beach accident needlessly changes lives forever.

Sarasota Beach Accident is Daily Occurrence

Sarasota Beach is popular local, State, national, and international tourist destination. There are thousands of local residents who live on the well-manicured streets lining on the major road on the island: Englewood Boulevard.

While Englewood Blvd is the main road onto and through Sarasota Beach, it is only a two-lane divided road. In most locations the road is quite narrow, and bordered by sidewalks, shops, resorts, hotels, motels, and restaurants. Up to thousands of people—pedestrians, beach goers, residents, tourists—and businesses simultaneously walk, drive, and ride this single road. Accordingly, a Sarasota Beach accident usually happens here.

There is little or no room for error in such a narrow space. All cars, vans, motorcycles, mopeds, bicycles, pedestrians, and commercial vehicles have to follow the rules of the road, drive slowly and carefully, and stay focused on all the activity surrounding them.

All it takes is one act of reckless behavior, and the day or evening of fun, friends, and family is brought to a tragic halt in a Sarasota Beach accident.

Englewood Blvd is the Location of Most Sarasota Beach Accident Tragedies

Englewood Blvd is the location of most Sarasota Beach accident events:

  • Pedestrian
  • Bicycle
  • Motorcycle
  • Auto

Almost every major Sarasota Beach accident involving vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles, pedestrians, are most likely to occur on Englewood Blvd than any other street or road.These tend to be serious incidents from which people have a long road to recovery or do not recover at all.

Many of these collisions are so serious and result in such severe injury or death because the driver of the motor vehicle is not operating the car, truck, or van with restraint. When a driver is driving at normal speed but not paying attention, then a full-speed Sarasota Breach accident occurs.

How does this happen? Driving under the influence, distracted, texting and driving, and similar uninhibited operation of vehicles result in the driver having limited or no reaction time. The drivers fails to yield and slow down or stop until after the Sarasota Beach accident occurs.

Sarasota Beach Accident Lawyer Personally Pursues Justice for You

Sarasota Beach is a wonderful place to enjoy the Gulf, family, and friends. This is a place where happy memories are born. When some people overindulge and stop following safety rules, then nightmares can be created in place of dreams.

Careless acts resulting in catastrophic personal injury or wrongful death change lives of victims and survivors forever. Sarasota Beach accident lawyer David Harris pursues justice with you in mind. When you need and experienced and driven lawyer for Sarasota Beach accident injury, call David for a free, personal, and confidential consultation.

David personally represents clients. Moreover, we value you. Accordingly, you have access to David, receive answers to questions, and remain active in your case. Accordingly, pursuing top compensation for your harms and losses—providing justice, comfort, and security—is how David proceeds for every client in every case.

There is no fee if there is no recovery. Get David now.

best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney
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