Sarasota Florida Car Accident Focuses on Fault, Liability, and Damages

Every experienced Sarasota car accident attorney knows Florida has peculiar laws. Indeed, statutes, rules, regulations, and court decisions affect every civil damages claim.

best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney

Sarasota Car Accident Attorney Pursues Your Claim Using Law

Who is liable and money damages available are critical elements in every accident claim in Southwest Florida. Moreover, depending on your incident circumstances, collecting these damages may be unlimited or greatly restricted by law.

Consequently, our laws often produce road bumps for straightforward claims. Unfortunately, our laws are often not simple. Questions about how laws apply to specific facts often create a winding road. Accordingly, navigate these challenges with your experienced Sarasota car accident attorney.

Sarasota Car Accident Attorney Focuses on Fault, Liability, and Damages

Accident claims often begin and end after your Sarasota car accident attorney’s analysis. What elements are needed to win? Let’s break down these elements:

  • Who is legally at fault?
  • How is fault divided when more vehicles are involved?
  • Is there comparative negligence?
  • Who is legally liable to pay damages?
  • Is a vehicle owner also liable?
  • Is an employer also liable?
  • How much money does an insurance company pay?
  • Is there additional insurance coverage available?
  • Is insurance acting in good faith?
  • Are there outstanding medical bills or health insurance liens requiring payment?

In every accident claim, Florida law plays a pivotal role. Therefore, our laws help decide who is legally responsible and must pay compensation. Moreover, your Sarasota car accident attorney knows how these rules apply.

Sarasota Car Accident Attorney Helps You Overcome Challenges

Focus on getting healthy after serious car wreck injuries. Moreover, your seasoned lawyer works on finding solutions to legal challenges you face. Furthermore, your lawyer fights for maximum compensation.

Sarasota car accident attorney David Harris has been fighting for clients in courtrooms since 1995. Facing down insurance and corporate giants, David serves you using distinction, drive, and skill.

Always personable and approachable, David listens to your concerns. Moreover, David works to find answers. Ultimately, David’s goal is securing your full money damages.

Contact David today using our contact form or by phone. Your initial consultation is free and thorough.

best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney
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