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best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney

As an experienced Sarasota accident attorney, I can tell you that your health and loved ones’ well-being of loved are your number one priority. This does not change in an auto accident when you sustained personal injury. Your first thoughts are undoubtedly not about lawyers and lawsuits, and that is a very good thing.

Sarasota Accident Attorney Can Focus on Your Claim While You Heal

Following a serious vehicle accident in which you sustained personal injury, you should first work toward getting healthy again. A problem which develops is your focus on health is undoubtedly interrupted by an auto insurance company.

Remember, you did not ask for this crash nor your injuries. However, somehow claims adjusters often act as though you did. Moreover, they imply it’s your fault for getting hurt by their bad driver. Let your expert Sarasota accident attorney handle insurance company nonsense. This not only brings peace of mind, but assures your claim is being handled properly.

Requests for recorded statements, attempted interviews by investigators hired by insurance adjusters, letters, phone calls, and countless “reminders” may plague you. Moreover, this constant hounding by insurance claims representatives may cause you to make big mistakes because you were desperate to get them off your back. Stop and retain a specialist Sarasota accident attorney at David Harris Law.

This is why when auto accidents involve major injury, then you should retain an expert Sarasota accident attorney as quickly as possible. For example, on day one at David Harris Law, your attorney begins gathering evidence and notifies all auto insurance companies. This stops those insurance calls.

Your Sarasota Accident Attorney Asks You Questions

To start our discussion, here are some questions or information requests you are asked by your Sarasota accident attorney:

  • Were you a driver or passenger?
  • Where and when did your crash occur?
  • Describe exactly what happened.
  • Describe weather and traffic conditions.
  • Where were you going?
  • Identify all auto insurance.
  • Did police arrive?
  • Was a traffic crash report prepared?

  • Describe all your injuries.
  • Describe vehicle damage?
  • Are there any identifiable witnesses?
  • Did EMS take you to hospital?
  • Describe all medical treatment?
  • What is your current medical status?
  • Is any insurance company calling you?

Remember, don’t provide an interview or statement to an insurance company without counsel. While you must report a crash to your own insurance, you don’t have to provide a statement to any other insurance carrier.

We’ll obtain your basic background information, such as employment, lost work, and medical bills. As your expert Sarasota accident attorney, I’m telling you representation doesn’t work well when details are missing.

Sarasota Accident Attorney Answers Your Questions

Your Sarasota accident attorney values you. During our initial discussion, I answer your questions. Together we discuss factual and legal issues which may arise. We discuss settlement possibilities, your hopes, and my thoughts on how we achieve your goals.

When you become a client, then you may call and talk to your expert Sarasota accident attorney when you want. Discuss your thoughts, concerns, and questions. I work on building a great attorney-client relationship right away. That’s how I roll.

As your lawyer, I am open and responsive to your needs and available to you. I return your calls and answer your questions—I’m reachable. I genuinely care for and respect all my clients. After all, I’m here to help. Let’s help you move forward. Contact me today for your free consultation.

best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney
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