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Sarasota personal injury lawyers see repeat mistakes some clients make before hiring counsel. These mistakes can hurt your claim.

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Your family doctor, also known as general practitioner or primary care physician, may be the first doctor you see for evaluation and treatment of general ailments or symptoms. Examples include blood pressure, aches, pains, fevers, or the flu. Your family doctor often orders tests, prescribes medications, and makes referrals to specialists.

Your primary care doctor also maintains a chart—your patient medical record. This is a gateway to your medical history.

Sarasota Personal Injury Lawyers Advise: Insurance Companies Comb Through Your Family Doctor’s Records

Sarasota personal injury lawyers know in every claim your medical records are provided to an insurance company. This happens whether your case is in suit or before a lawsuit is filed. Your opponents evaluate your damages claims.

In litigation, insurance company lawyers always obtain your family doctor’s chart in virtually every case. Sarasota personal injury lawyers know this is routine and allowed under court rules.

What are insurance companies looking for? Your health profile. Why? Insurance adjusters and lawyers want to create—manufacture—their story about how you got hurt. Moreover, they want to determine whether you were hurt at all. Finally, they want to portray your injuries as past problems not related to your personal injury claim.

Sarasota personal injury lawyers watch this happen in every case. Insurance companies want to portray your real injuries as minor aggravations. If they create this story and a jury accepts their version, then their client doesn’t pay your damages. Bad news.

Sarasota Personal Injury Lawyers Stress: Tell Your Family Doctor About Your Accident Injury

Did you tell your family doctor about how your injury occurred? Did you mention what parts of your body were injured? Too often, Sarasota personal injury lawyers know you probably didn’t.

For example, maybe you were severely injured in an auto accident. After your crash, you went by ambulance to hospital and then followed up with medical specialists. Maybe, for example, this included a neurosurgeon, orthopedic surgery, and physical medicine and rehabilitation. Every doctor’s chart reports you have serious injuries and pain caused by your crash.

During your recovery, you see your family doctor because you suffer from flu. In this example, your family doctor is simply treating you for flu. Accordingly, in this example, your family doctor is not providing treatment for your car crash injuries.

Insurance companies and their attorneys are looking to see if your family doctor makes any note regarding any crash is in your family doctor’s chart. Listen to your Sarasota personal injury lawyers: tell every doctor you see about your accident injury. If you don’t, then your opponents suggest your crash is nothing. Silly, right?

Sarasota Personal Injury Lawyers Suggestions

Your Sarasota personal injury lawyers show how you can avoid this silly and manufactured trap. When you see any doctor or nurse, in hospital or office, then make sure you tell each and every health care provider—all of them (even your dentist)—that you suffered recent personal injury. Moreover, describe your injuries and your circumstances.

Be truthful at all times. Avoid making mistakes by thinking your accident injury symptoms only matter to emergency room nurses and doctors. Make sure you tell your family doctor. Be consistent.

Not only is telling all your health care providers good help them coordinate care, but doing so also shows your true colors—you are an honest, forthright, accident injury victim who needs real medical help. This allows your claim to proceed on its merits, rather than an insurance company’s game.

Need to know more? Talk to Sarasota personal injury lawyers now. Call David, an expert injury attorney who pursues justice for Southwest Florida injured persons. Your consultation is 100% free.

best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney
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