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Throughout Southwest FloridaSarasota, Collier County, Charlotte County, Hendry County, Glades County, DeSoto County, Sarasota County, and nearby communities—and nearby communities—we encounter big rigs on our roads every day. While we may complain they block our visibility, we have it easy. Rather, a semi accident creates real hardship, loss, and life pain we never want to know.

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A Tragic Semi Accident is Preventable

Large trucks present a unique hazard on our roads. These are giant motor vehicles having size and power similar to tanks. Moreover, potential for major personal injury and death escalate dramatically in a semi accident.

However, these wrecks are preventable. While a semi accident may happen in various circumstances, more often than not there are several leading causes:

  • Driver fatigue: Many truckers drive extremely long hours without taking sufficient breaks. As a result, many are drowsy or lose focus on traffic.
  • Medication use
  • Tanker trucks: Trucks carrying hazardous or flammable materials are big risks. Tankers carrying liquid loads must be at least three quarters full. Otherwise, liquids shift around inside making control difficult.
  • Diving at excessive speed
  • Unfamiliar with truck route
  • Aggressive driving

Accordingly, in these common circumstances, a driver and trucking company are responsible for a semi accident. Moreover, these incidents result in tragedy.

Semi Accident Injuries Change Lives

After a semi accident, a car with crush damage often reveals unspeakable damages. For survivors, amputation, brain injury, spinal cord injury, and broken bones are often a beginning. Moreover, many families lose loved ones forever.

Lives permanently transform after these big wrecks. Consequently, those who live face long recoveries. Hospitalizations, surgeries, rehabilitation, and ongoing care for life are common hardships. Moreover, this extensive medical care costs hundreds of thousands and even millions in expenses.

In addition, many families never get to say goodbye in fatal crashes. Instead, they hold on to memories and grieve their biggest losses. All because a preventable semi accident—lasting mere seconds—occurs without warning.

You and your family deserve justice.

Compensation After Semi Accident is for Your Future

If you or someone you love suffers major injuries, or a family member tragically dies, in a Southwest Florida semi accident, then contact me. I’m Sarasota accident lawyer David Harris, and I know your harms and losses are unimaginable.

While you struggle with this magnitude of suffering and sadness, I try to help shape your better future. Of course, even if we win for you and your family, we cannot repair all your burdens. Rather, my goal is helping your family secure financial certainty so you have comfort you need moving ahead.

Accordingly, as your hands-on lawyer, I’m available when you need me. So, if you have questions or just need to talk, we’ll have a conversation and address your questions, concerns, or needs. Moreover, there is no fee unless we win, so you don’t worry about more money problems.

I pursue all accountable parties in your semi accident, seeking justice and maximum compensation for your circumstances. Accordingly, I fight for you from day one until we finish.

You start our discussion right here, right now. Just use our simple contact form or call. Your consult is free and personal.

best sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorneybest sarasota florida county car accident lawyer attorney
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