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A sexual abuse victim suffers catastrophic injury. A child or vulnerable adult victim lives in horror as an unspeakable act harms them. Contact Sarasota sexual abuse lawyer for an immediate free consultation.

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Sexual Abuse Lawyer Discusses Disturbing Facts

Because this subject so emotionally charged, many people—including those who suffered—do not know some basic facts:

  • 90% sexual abuse victims know their perpetrator in some way.
  • Vulnerable adults include elderly, disabled, and those or suffer severe mental or physical challenges, and therefore are incapable of protecting themselves.
  • By age 18, one in four girls and one in seven boys may experience sexual abuse.
  • Sexual abuse occurs at every socioeconomic level, across ethnic and cultural lines, within all religions, and at all education levels.
  • In Florida, an abuse perpetrator is known as a sex offender or predator.
  • Registered sex offenders and predators in Florida number in thousands. There are more who are not caught and not registered.

An abuse survivor and family are scarred for life. For both child and vulnerable adult victims, survivors may not develop strong relationships with adults or other kids, which are needed for a healthy social life. Your sexual abuse lawyer pursues justice in the form of money damages.

Recalling physical abuse and mental trauma may damage survivors’ social and educational development. Moreover, parents and family members also undergo significant psychological effects. Just knowing their loved one’s harm by people they trusted causes pain. Consequently, Sarasota sexual abuse lawyer David Harris pursues civil claims and lawsuits on your behalf to secure needed financial compensation.

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According to Sexual Abuse Lawyer, Victims Often Harmed by Trusted People

Some sexual offenders and predators are random criminals who exploit children and vulnerable adults. However, more often a predator is someone the family knows.

Disabled adults and children are innocent, and therefore do not have any idea of who is good and who may be bad. Most of the time, an offender is not a stranger, but instead someone who the abuse victim knows and trusts.

An offender can be church staff, sports coach, teacher, babysitter, school volunteer, or some authority figure. Moreover, an abuser can be a nursing home or hospital employee taking advantage of a disabled adult.

In any of these disturbing incidents, contact your sexual abuse lawyer to explore your rights and potential claims against all responsible parties.

Pursuing Financial Compensation With Sexual Abuse Lawyer

As part of our daily lives, we as parents often entrust child care to others. We take our kids to daycare or school during the week, where teachers, volunteers, and caregivers have custody and supervision of our children until the we return.

Dropping off our children at church Sunday School or church youth group, we expect our children to have picked up a part of the values who make us as a family who we are. When we allow our children to participate in after-school activities, we rightfully believe the coaches or instructors are there to teach skills and teamwork.

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Basic Precautions Suggested by Sexual Abuse Lawyer

We expect people who look after our children and disabled or elderly family to protect them. This includes the following:

  • Background checks for all employees, staff, and volunteers
  • Educating and training employees, staff, volunteers to understand sexual abuse symptoms
  • Intervening if they suspect inappropriate behavior by any adults
  • Report any suspicions to parents
  • Reporting any abuse event to law enforcement immediately

Parents entrust their kids and disabled family members to these adults. This is daily life.

If this trust is violated by an organization’s employee, staff member, or volunteer, then the institution may be liable for money damages. Too often, these entities enable an offender without consequences, and your sexual abuse lawyer fights for accountability.

There is no excuse for any institution permitting a wolf to guard our lambs.

Sexual Abuse Lawyer Pursues Money Damages to Help Abuse Survivors

Florida has very strict child and disabled adult protection laws, and are among the toughest criminal laws around. Abusers face significant prison time, lifetime registration as sexual offenders or predators, and lifetime monitoring by law enforcement. But, that’s not enough.

However, criminals who commit these horrific acts typically do not have any financial resources to compensate their victims. Lifetime trauma from these injuries and harms are hugely expensive to address. Instead, a victim and family may need our civil justice system to access compensation, and a sexual abuse lawyer to secure full justice.

The institution, business, or facility which placed the abuse survivor in harm’s way, may be held civilly liable for damages. Your Sarasota sexual abuse lawyer pursues these damages for you and your family.

These are difficult topics, but medical care, mental health care, therapy, and counseling cost money. Financial resources required are very significant, and most victims’ families simply do not have such money. Moreover, who pays for the care and counseling? Your sexual abuse lawyer pursues your needed financial access.

Sarasota Sexual Abuse Lawyer Seeks Money Damages for Your Needs

Your sexual abuse lawyer knows money damages are not enough. Compensating victims alone does not solve deep physical pain and suffering, psychological damage, and needed healing. Rather, compensation can provide some financial security and access to the best therapy, counseling, and medical care.

Also, money compensation may provide some comfort for victim and family. Accordingly, knowing your financial future is secure eliminates a big worry while trying to work through your hardship.

Abuse victims can take a big first step. Sarasota sexual abuse lawyer David Harris provides a free, no-obligation, consultation, and you can discuss your legal options.

Serving Southwest Florida families, Sarasota sexual abuse lawyer David Harris is dedicated to children, disabled adults, and families. He wants to help you, and works to provide you care, compassion, and confidence in our justice system.

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