Big Insurance Claims Accident Lawsuits Hike Rates, But Don’t Believe

The insurance industry has done a fine job of duping the public into believing there is a non-stop “tort claim” crisis Not everyone who is injured in a car accident sues the negligent driver. Studies have repeatedly shown, and insurance companies know, that most people who are injured in an auto accident never file an accident injury claim, let alone file a lawsuit.

Big Insurance’s Persistent Ad Campaign Has Clouded RealityIn fact, the suggestion that everyone is suing everybody for everything is a myth hyped by the insurance industry year after year — for about 50 years now — in an attempt to restrict ordinary, good people, from being able to pursue claims for money damages in court against people, companies, and insurance companies who have harmed victims.While there is a lot of talk about “amnesty” of one sort or another in the political realm, insurance companies in Florida and throughout the nation are seeking “amnesty” — immunity — from accountability in Florida’s legislature and U.S. Congress every single year. It is a non-stop assault on the rights guaranteed by our Seventh Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and Articles 21 and 22 of the Florida Constitution’s Declaration of Rights that those who harm others in tort may be held legally accountable for their actions.Facts Trump Insurance Company Hype• Federal Lawsuits Are Decreasing: The number of tort cases resolved in federal courts over the last 30 years have decreased by nearly 30%. Most federal lawsuits are actually comprised of companies suing other companies (known as commercial litigation).• State Lawsuits Are Decreasing: The number of personal injury lawsuits has dropped by nearly one-third over the last 20 years. The Bureau of Justice Statistics, a division of the Department of Justice, performed a study of civil trials in state courts and found that the number of civil trials dropped by over 50% from 1992 to 2005, and similarly, that personal injury cases decreased by about 40%.Most of the civil lawsuits filed today involve matters other than injury claims, such as contracts, commercial litigation, property disputes, and so forth.Insurance Premiums Defy Gravity: They Continue to Go Up Without Coming DownDespite all of the huff and puff, and the amount of payouts declining, insurance companies across the board have increased their premiums. Despite massive savings in fewer payouts, insurers continue to raise their rates.Don’t blame big storms either. Insurance companies now look to the federal government and States to pick up the bulk of insurers’ property claims with taxpayer money, and this has become the norm.Anyone who understands the insurance company game understands that insurance companies are heavily invested in the stock market and other equity and non-equity markets. When the economy takes a downturn, and the insurance companies claim a loss (on paper, anyway) on their billion dollar investments to avoid taxes, they pass those paper losses into bigger profits by jamming consumers in the form of higher rates. Whether the economic cycle is up or down, insurers raise rates.You didn’t really think that someone’s car accident lawsuit in Sarasota raised your auto insurance premium, do you? If you fell for that ruse, then you have been duped by the big insurance company advertising machine.Know Your LawyerDavid Harris of David Harris Law Firm is a Sarasota accident lawyer who represents good people injured by careless drivers and negligence, pursuing full and fair compensation for the clients’ medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. You hear the truth from beginning to end. No “razzle dazzle.” No hype. Attorney David Harris takes the time to know you, understand your situation, answer your questions, and help you understand your legal options — from beginning to end. There is no fee unless we recover money for you. Contact David today at 888-927-1439 to schedule your complimentary appointment.

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